The Most Forbidden Love in the World – Translator’s Corner, About the Author

Today on the blog, we have a very special “About the Author” post by Conjueror!

Hello, this is Conjueror, the translator of The Most Forbidden Love in the World.

It’s a romance visual novel that combines comedy, serious drama, and a couple of taboo subjects at just the right amounts to tell an engaging and memorable story. It also happens to be one of my favorite visual novels that I’d been pushing to localize pretty much since the start of my career.

But I’ve already written a review for the game before any of this was a thing, so instead of repeating myself, I’d like to introduce its author.

Maruto was actually one of the first visual novel writers I’ve had the pleasure to read as he was pretty much impossible to avoid back in mid 2000s. His more popular works—Parfait, Kono Aozora ni Yakusoku wo, and the titular The Most Forbidden Love in the World—dominated the top of the erogamescape rating board and it felt like everyone was talking about them.

His stories struck a perfect chord with visual novel readers as he never failed to come up with charming heroines and earnest romantic subplots. Though none of his games offered a particularly complex story, his ability to write good romance netted him lots and lots of fans. Together with Romeo and Maeda Jun, he was among the most famous visual novel writers of his time.

If you follow his works in chronological order, you notice that while he originally starts with more light-hearted romantic stories, they grow more and more serious with every new release, delving further and further into the angst and frustrations of romantic relationships instead of the heart-warming parts that visual novels generally focus on.

I see The Most Forbidden Love in the World as somewhat of a turning point in his career. It contains all the good sense and humor from his earlier works while also exploring the more mature and less pleasant aspects of love and realistic relationships. In a way, it served as the prototype to White Album 2 that ends up discarding the light-hearted parts almost completely and focuses solely on a very complicated love triangle.

Personally, I think that he hit the golden spot with The Most Forbidden Love in the World as it offers the best of both worlds managing to be both plenty fun and serious when it counts. I’m very proud and happy to see it as his first work to reach overseas, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a serious romance story.

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  1. Great thanks for your good work. It’s really wonderful novel indeed. I am very surprised by quality of writing so far and how easy it is to read – is something very unusual for novels of romance-centric genre translated to English, tbh.
    Now I wll be waiting eagerly for White Album series to be translated too ^_^

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