Super Naughty Maid 2 — On Sale Now!

Super Naughty Maid! 2 from KENZsoft is now available on! Get 10% off during launch week!

Leona, determined to maker he beloved master a man, courageously gives him a lesson after less in sex…

However, one day, she over hears a rumor about her master is to be married… Not only that, but the fact that the preparation for the wedding is being conducted secretly.

The next day, she makes her way to her master’s bedroom having made very important decision…


  • Enjoy tit jobs, fellatios, missionary, cowgirl, and anal!
  • Offers tons of ecchi with a split story path!
  • Each story has its own exclusive ejaculation scene! Have the finest sex experience by ejaculating in all her naughty holes!
  • One handed control compatibility for the fap-enthusiast!!
  • You can hear all her dirty, filthy thoughts mid-sex!
  • Gorgeous fully 3D animation!
  • Over 60 minutes of finely tuned, highly erotic voice! Includes wet, sucking, slurping, moaning, and groaning sounds!


  • Developer: KENZsoft
  • Rating: Adult. Uncensored.
  • Voice: Partial
  • Content: 3D, maid
  • Language: English text
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  1. No way!!!! My favorite from Kenzsoft. Leona is best maid. I already have the Japanese ver on dlsite though. Might get it just from the Eng translation.

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