Anime Expo 2019 Announcements!

MangaGamer is proud to announce four new titles and offer something great for fans of fantasy of all sorts!

Our first new announcement is Endless Torment (aka. Mugen Renkan) from Liquid! If you’ve been keeping track, Endless Torment is Secret Project #6!

Written by Izumi Ban’ya, a writer on euphoria and No, Thank You!!!, comes a tale of immortality and fate—Eternal Torment ~An Immortal Girl’s Dance of Disgrace~!

When a lowly slave is cursed with immortality by an eternal king, only misery awaits her at the hands of her abusive masters. Forbidden even the sweet escape of death, where can she find the strength to escape her pursuers? With her life spanning across medieval France, the American frontier, and Meiji-era Japan, and the darkness of man ever at her heels, the girl struggles to find meaning in her endless existence. She yearns for some hope to hold onto… but will she ever be able to alter the cruel hand she was dealt? Or will she break down under the weight of it all?

Our next announcement is from Waffle, the creators of the Funbag Fantasy series! Known as Secret Project #7!

From Waffle, the creators of Funbag Fantasy, comes Funbag Fantasy: Sideboob Story 2!

Five years have passed since political turmoil of Funbag Fantasy: Sideboob Story and something is rotten in the state of Edelland as the queens and advisors struggle to keep Lute’s disappearance a secret! Meanwhile, a mysterious masked man washes ashore onto the island kingdom of Hillsland. After witnessing the illegal smuggling operation being run from Hillsland’s prison on Zorro Island, he’s conscripted for a suicidal mission to slay a minotaur! Is he doomed like countless others before him? Will he survive the looming foe and claim some funbags of his own? Where is Lute, and what destiny awaits him and his voluptuous harem?!

For all you Rance fans out there, do we have a surprise for you! Not only did we license Rance 01, but we also licensed Rance 02!

Otherwise known as Secret Project #4, Rance 01 – The Quest for Hikari is a remake of the very first, original Rance for modern fans of the series, this new version comes packed with an expanded story, updated graphics and audio, and an updated battle system too! The cards are all in your hands as the warrior Rance ventures out to find hot chicks to bang and sets his sights on Hikari, a daughter of a noble family in the Kingdom of Leazas who has gone missing from her home! Brave forests, caves, and dungeons, fighting powerful foes and traps with weapons and combos at the ready! Will Rance succeed on his quest to save the girl, or will he fall to any of the terrible fates awaiting him at wrong turn.

Our last announcement, Rance 02 – The Rebellious Maidens, is so new we didn’t have a chance to add it to our secret project lineup! We hope you were surprised! Rance 01 and Rance 02 will be packaged together in a single product at launch.

Additionally, we are looking into adding the “Kai” content, which was originally produced as an unofficial patch and provided a major reworking of the original script to much acclaim. Due to the unofficial nature of patch, it may be provided separately from the final product. More details about the release, and the unofficial Kai patch, will become available at a later date.

And that’s it for Anime Expo! You can expect even more announcements at our Otakon panel later this month!

See you then!

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  1. Oh….my god. 2 Rance games simultaneously announced. AGAIN. Four Rance games in the works, and another two added for a total of 6. SIX SIMULTANEOUS RANCE PROJECTS!! I should seriously consider building a shine in worship of Mangagamer…

    • only worship them if y could wait until y would play all of them -_-
      I waited Rance 7 for over 2 years (I check MG blog status almost everyday), and Im impatient now
      when y see the current line up, y would be no longer eager to hear any new announcements any more

      • Sengoku Rance’s fan patch has long been out; most of us have already played it, so the anticipation isn’t strong. You say Mangagamer’s licensing delayed fan translation, and though that may have been the case for Rance Quest, it’s definitely not for Rance IX and X. The despair Rance fans felt hoping for an IX translation project to start, yet knowing even then there was no guarantee they’d finish…. most jumped for joy the moment IX was licensed.

        • y can say that i was in the amount of fan that jumped in joy each MG’s announcements, well, it’s year ago. Now, I feel off each announcements
          And i dont wait for Rance 7 to play, if Rance 7 was out, Rance 8 would be next, it’s a one-line waiting, that’s the problem

          • Yup, dat one-line wait is frustrating as hell. Though now that I and II have been licensed, it might be a 2-line wait.

            Still…my most anticipated Rance game is IX, and even with that 100% trans, I just can’t see it coming out this year, or even next year. : (

        • well, now I can say that the status progress on blog was meaningless, I afraid that the release schedule was fixed or depend on sale or something, I wish 2 Rance per year, but the most optimistic would be one Rance per year, well, hope so, and if Rance 7 would still be delayed over 2019, it means no hope

  2. I’m looking forward to these titles. I tried to play the fan translations of the Rance games but I couldn’t get them working properly and I’d like to see where the series started before playing the later titles so Im glad you’re doing the first 2 games. I’m also glad to see another Funbag Fantasy game. Keep up the great work.

  3. I wasn’t expecting the Anime Expo announcements to all be medieval fantasy related, but it’s nice to be pandered to. Well, one isn’t exactly medieval fantasy in its entirety but still.

    The nukige has a neat premise, and both the Rance series and the Funbag series are overall entertaining. I haven’t played Sidestory 1 yet (planning to soon), but I’ve heard really good things about Sidestory 2. As for Rance 01, I’ve heard that while it’s not quite as robust as the other modern Rance games, it’s a very entertaining title in its own right. Rance 02 is in a similar situation except instead of revamping the gameplay, it keeps the gameplay mostly the same as the original for better or worse. 03 is the best out of the remakes and the one that’s around the other modern Rance games in quality, time to spam the survey again!

    Jokes aside, I really like this year’s announcements even though it arguably only panders to a very specific part of the buyer base. I’m in that specific part after all.

  4. Mangagamer is a prophet among VNs

  5. Dear lord, Funbag Fantasy : Sideboob Story 2 !
    I’ve been waiting for this for looong.
    This and the isis After story after this one are both in my long awaited list.

    Best news of Anime Expo so far, can’t w8 for the day I can buy them and play 😀

    • I admit, I’m curious how they will be handling the various mini episodes that accompanied later games in the series. But I’m definitely very excited as well.

  6. everyone know that MG had licienced all of Rance series, so dont pretend to make us surprised -_-
    speed up with Rance plz, how long do y plan to make us wait for??
    Rance’s fan translation for 8,9 would have finished for years if MG had not licience Rance -_-

    • Not Rance X though. That game is so crazy long that I wouldn’t have been surprised if it was never fan translated even if MG never got the Rance license. It would have been extremely cursed.

      • well, I dont deny the MG’s work, even I prefer official translation with uncensorship, but when it went too long (almost 3 years from Rance 7 announcements, and longer for others), I feel something wrong here, like MG kept a big lump of meat for themself without a properly mean to eat it -_-
        Beside, that time was enough for ones learning Jap to play VN

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  8. No real surprises, we already have previous Funbag titles and other Rance parts licensed so it was just a matter of time (Evenicle 2 when?). What I’m really waiting for are Otakon announcements, I hope we’ll get new partners and more variety of genres!

  9. YESSSSSSSS!!….all I need now is Evenicle 2 and I will be a happy man. (teared up a little after these announcements)

  10. Oh great, more food for all the Rance-addicts and balloon boob-lovers out there… however, I was really hoping to see Hapymaher: Fragmentation Dream this time. Well, maybe some far-off day after Evenicle 2 and all the other things AliceSoft might cook up in the meantime 🙁

  11. Great Announcements!

  12. No tsumamigui, again…

  13. I’ve been waiting for tsumamigui 3 for years, a dating sim with great plot and graphic. but hey, be patient. something takes time =.=

  14. Sweet. Glad were getting the finale/closure to the Kyonyuu Fantasy series, though I hope it’ll come with all the dlc patches. I also hope that MG licences the after story/sequel as well.

  15. Wow, I can’t believe it. One of my license suggestions finally happened! Mugen Renkan is such an awesome nukige with a great story and atmosphere. I can’t wait to get it on release day!

  16. I will give you my money for any rance title you you complete

  17. tuilatui said, and I agreed, Rance outshadows Oyako Rankan, Tsumamigui and Haha Ranman too much

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