Dizzy Hearts Ch. 1 — On Sale December 5th!

Dizzy Hearts Ch.1 from Studio Lupiesoft is now available for pre-order! Pre-order today to get a whopping 30% off! Purchase will also include all future content updates.

Set in a world split between eternal day and eternal night. The naive but energetic Seriva sets out on a journey of adulthood in the tradition of her people, the subterranean ‘Assard.’

Venturing to the land of eternal night, she discovers the city of Lungarde.In the country of Ontonia, she learns that travelers are not that rare in this region. Seriva is ignorant to their culture, to their language, to their politics, and to the cycle of royal lineage revolving around the rare and mysterious ‘fiore’ (the hermaphroditic sire to the elven people).

Rumor has it that Queen Llend has chosen her successor among the four fiore princesses and is soon to abdicate. It turns out Seriva may have just stumbled right into the middle of everything!


  • Developer: Studio Lupiesoft
  • Platform/OS: Windows 7, 8, 10, MacOS, and Linux
  • Language: English text
  • Genre: Fantasy, romance
  • Content: All-ages
  • Resolution: 1920×1080
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  1. I have to cmt here because I hate the all-age or border-line content/art. And wtf is all-age?? See the art and y recommend them for children?? No. But when y try to cover sensitive part unnaturally to make it <18+, adult should be interest?? maybe some, but most could feel pissed off. and when it's content's not better than some H game they played, why should they care?

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