Funbag Fantasy Sideboob Story 2 — On Sale March 12th!

Waffle’s Funbag Fantasy Sideboob Story 2 is bouncing its way to MangaGamer and Steam on March 12th! Pre-order your copy on today to get 10% off!

This is the next chapter of Funbag Fantasy, the continuing saga of Lute!

The story begins in the Kingdom of Hillsland five years after the events of Funbag Fantasy Sideboob Story. A naked man who has no memories finds himself stranded near a harbor. The man, Mask, while oblivious to his nakedness, speaks to a passing woman and gets arrested, therefore. Soldiers take him to Molgrey castle where Mask offends the castellan and is consequently thrown into the Zorro prison.

But Zorro island is a base of smuggling activities. For witnessing the unlawful secret, Mask is sent on a suicidal mission to Boobshire. He is ordered to kill the monster who has already killed many bounty hunters that ventured to exterminate it. Can Mask defeat the monster or will he perish like the others?

Features & Specs

  • Developer: WAFFLE
  • OS: Windows Vista and up
  • Voice: Partial
  • Rating: Adult, uncensored
  • Genre: Fantasy
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  1. …I feel bad that I didn’t like 2 more than I do. It did improve, but I’ve yet to complete it, while I gobbled down the first one and the Sideboob Story as fast as I could.

    I see Molgrey’s coming back, so I should try to finish it by the time this one’s available.

    And I would like to know if some of the post-story or pre-order bonus addons will be similarly translated and released? I’ve seen some of the art for those, and I’d like to see the Emeralia wedding.

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