Ideology in Friction Append DLC — On Sale Now!

Ideology in Fiction Append DLC from Kagura Games is now available on! Save 10% when you purchase your copy during launch week!

Please note: The base game, Ideology in Fiction, is required to access the DLC. The extra content becomes accessible about midway through the game, or from the CG/scene gallery if you’ve previously cleared the game!

In a world where the future isn’t certain, everyone wishes for their dreams to come true.
Amidst the chaos, one woman stands fearlessly among the cruel world, entrusting her life to her sword as she continues her endless fight.

Her name is Sachiyo and she is the strongest of the Viktor Knights. The one who is known as the “samurai”…


  • Publisher: Kagura Games
  • Rating: Adult and uncensored
  • Voice: Fully voiced
  • Genre: Fantasy & RPG
  • OST: Windows 7 and newer


  • Includes 81 new event CGs
  • Alterations to existing story events
  • Entirely new chapter revolving around Sachiyo and Zepp during their first encounter!
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