NyanCafe Macchiato — On Sale July 9th!

Skyfish Poco’s NyanCafe Macchiato ~ Sexy Times at the Cat Cafe ~ is now available for pre-order exclusively on MangaGamer.com! On sale July 9th!

Our protagonist isn’t the most fortunate guy. Every company that’s employed him has managed to go bankrupt, although he’s finally earned himself a job at a famous girls’ school. Not that his life as a new lecturer is much of an improvement——His workdays now mainly consist of doing menial chores around the school. To make matters worse, his apartment has burned down, and he also has to help out at his grandfather’s cat cafe, Nekotamaya.

And yet, three beautiful girls have fallen in love with our protagonist…

Bright, cheerful, and the most popular girl in her class: Nekomori Miké.
Shy, frail, and childish in appearance: Nekokawa Ameri.
The star of the drama club, as well as the daughter of the academy’s director: Nekoyashiki Persia.

These girls all work part-time at Nekotamaya and have fallen for our protagonist. Not wanting to lose him to any other girl, all three of them decide to confess their feelings to him one night, but our protagonist’s unlucky streak continues as they all confess at the exact same time. Despite this, the girls remain undaunted, and the protagonist doesn’t want to lose his chance at happiness now that it’s arrived… So, of course, they jump straight into a foursome.

The next day kicks off his new relationship with his three girlfriends: Miké, Ameri, and Persia!

Won’t you come and spend your time surrounded by this trio of girls? Will you partake in sexual encounters morning, noon, and night, be it at the cafe, the academy, or wherever else?

Does a harem await our protagonist? Or will it all end in carnage? This is a story of love blossoming from sex.

Features & Specs

  • Developer: Skyfish Poco
  • Operating System: Windows Vista and newer
  • Rating: Adult, uncensored
  • Voice: Full voice (except MC)
  • Resolution: 1024×576
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