Letters from a Rainy Day – Oceans and Lace – from Lily Spinel Now Available on MangaGamer!

Letters from a Rainy Day – Oceans and Lace – from Lily Spinel is now available from MangaGamer! Pick it up during the next two weeks to save 15%!


The prestigious private girls’ school, Kikyou Academy, educates young ladies from elementary age to university. With cell phones forbidden on school grounds, letter writing is a pastime for many of the girls.

One day, Shiori Minato is asked out by an older girl she doesn’t know–Mikoto Kurahashi.

Shiori: “She’s confessing to me… But why does she look so angry?”

Still, she says yes, thinking of it as an opportunity to build something between them.

One day, popular student Mikoto Kurahashi receives a blackmail letter, threatening to harm her sister, Yumi Kurahashi, unless she asks out a first-year student named Shiori Minato. At first, Mikoto thinks it’s a prank–until Yumi gets hurt. So, she asks Shiori out in order to protect her sister.

Mikoto: “Was so she desperate to date me that she’d resort to blackmail?”

Mikoto starts dating Shiori believing her to be the blackmailer. At the same time, Shiori struggles to get Mikoto to engage with her.

It’s June in Kamakura, and the hydrangeas are blooming. Two girls are brought together, their relationship manipulated by blackmail. And so begins their bittersweet story…


“Letters From a Rainy Day -Oceans and Lace-” is a tale of romance set at Kikyou Academy, a prestigious school for young ladies in Kamakura, Japan. The story is told from the alternating points of view of -Oceans and Lace-‘s two protagonists, Shiori Minato and Mikoto Kurahashi, as they’re blackmailed into dating one another.

  • Point 1: A love story between girls, brought to life with beautiful art
    Immerse yourself in a delicate story of feminine sentiment, written by Mikuriya Mikuri, set against a stunning backdrop of scenes from Japan’s ancient capital, Kamakura, and gorgeous art by illustrator sheepD.
  • Point 2: Two girls forced together by fate–and blackmail!
    As Shiori and Mikoto’s story unfolds, other girls step in to help them deal with their conflicting emotions, while the mystery of the blackmailer’s motive lingers in the background. Where will this roller coaster relationship lead them?
  • Point 3: Experience the ups and down of an unconventional love story
    When they first start dating, Shiori and Mikoto are basically strangers. Follow along with them from their awkward beginnings as they gradually open up to one another, encountering stu
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