Introducing Erovoice’s Kibi Touko!

Today we’re introducing Kibi Touko, the clumsy manager keeping everything together at Cuckoo Clock in Erovoice!

While one might expect Touko to be more of an intellectual from her glasses and very professional attire, she’s actually quite the athletic tomboy. She believes that stamina is a crucial requirement to being a good manager, and she’s not entirely wrong either with how much the job has her running from client to client and hauling scripts heavier than dictionaries across town. Maybe some of that is just her unique style of handling the job, but her ripped abs, powerful thighs, and toned legs are nothing to scoff at. She’s actually a great mentor to have since she’s very caring and does a good job showing you the ropes, but for better or worse she expects you to mostly keep up with her pace.

She is also a bit of a workaholic, but that’s mostly because she loves being active and doesn’t know what to do with free time. It’s a good thing that she is so active though, because otherwise Cuckoo Clock would be in a pinch. Until the game’s protagonist arrived, Touko was the sole employee in the office that handled securing voice acting gigs for all of the agency’s voice actresses, organizing their work schedules to ensure smooth recording sessions, completing and filing all the necessary business paperwork, and so on. She really wears a lot of hats at the agency, and while her skill and efficiency are huge boons, she has a tendency to occasionally make huge blunders like double booking someone or forgetting to schedule a gig. Through her we get to see all the background work that goes into the voice acting industry, and enjoy a tale of coworker support and learning bring the best out of someone.

Now, the foil for Touko in this story would Onikoube Madoka, a talented and ambitious manager that competes with Cuckoo Clock for the available voice acting gigs. Whereas Touko is generally brighter, optimistic, and finds success by working her athleticism to constantly pursue and contact as many potential leads as possible, Madoka is more like your typical career woman who finds success through very calculated and strategic moves. Madoka’s calculating eye may see potential in you… but do you really want success that’s so transactional?

When it comes to Touko’s erotic scenes within Erovoice, you’re in for plenty of bondage and anal. Touko is driven to explore sex with you by her intense curiosity, and an extreme eagerness to experiment. When said experimentation reveals she has a sensitive butt, she gets instantly hooked. If you’re a fan of kinky play with a partner that couldn’t say “yes” more enthusiastically, then you’ll find a lot to enjoy with Touko.

Touko’s voice actress, Yumeno Botan, was active as an actress from 2013 to 2019, starring in mostly adult games including roles like Erogoods’ Suzukino Emi or Tsuyokiss NEXT’s Kine Eiichi. Under different stage names she’s also voiced Hoshigaoka Yuri in Nobunaga Teacher’s Young Bride and Sophie in Magic and Slash ~Riru’s Sexy Grand Adventure~

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