Seventh Lair Now Available for Pre-order!

From Novectacle, the creators of the highly acclaimed The House in Fata Morgana, comes Seventh Lair, a tongue-in-cheek, but emotional look at the online interactions between an indie game developer and fans! Pre-order the game or the deluxe version with the OST today! It’ll also be available on Steam when it releases on March 31st!

The story follows the dejected Dark†Knight, a 27-year-old indie game developer living at the bottom of the social hierarchy. With his career hanging on by a thread and the regulars on his forums criticizing, trolling, and clamoring for his next release, he declares that his next game will premiere on April Fool’s. On the ill-fated day, both creator and fans are suddenly sucked into a fantasy world based on his game and forced to figure out how to clear his buggy, unfinished monstrosity. As frustrations rise and tempers flare, the players’ raw emotions and experiences begin to leak out as they are denied the protections of their anonymous online handles. What truths lie behind the masks of their personas? Can they survive the game and each other? Or will they manage to find their way back to reality together?

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