Anime NYC Announcements!

First off a big thank you to everyone who attended our last event of the year! Without further ado let’s get into what you’re all really waiting for: the licensing announcements!

Our first announcement of the night was the second title in Guilty’s Nightmare series – Nightmare x Onmyouji – Paradox of Forbiddance!

Not all spirits rest in peace, so it’s up to the onmyouji, Kuon Katsuragi, to banish their evil from this world. Lately though, such incidents of specter possession have been on the rise, and the arrival of two sisters, Setsuna and Yuka, suggests there might be someone secretly behind it all. The sisters are soon captured by an evil cult, and Kuon resolves to wield her powers in an attempt to rescue them… Will she too fall victim to the cult and be forced to breed new demons? Or will the three of them manage to escape and ultimately stop the cult’s evil plan?!

Find out in this direct sequel to Nightmare x Sisters!

The next announcement of the night was a new title from minori, Eve of the 12th Month!

─Christmas Eve.

Illuminated by the light of her birthday cake, Yuki experiences a random episode from her long-term illness and collapses to the floor in a heavy heap. As she gazes at the flames atop of her candle-covered confection, she soon finds herself in the distant past and happens upon her father and his two female companions–one of whom could be her mother.

Will Yuki’s actions change the future, change the makeup of her family, and potentially lead to the curing of her genetic illness?

And that’s it for 2022! You can catch up with all our previous announcements and keep up to date with our event schedule on our announcements page!

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