Custom Order Maid 3D2&2.5+X1 Dark DLC Now Available on MangaGamer!

The Custom Order Maid 3D2&2.5+X1 Dark DLC is now available on the MangaGamer store! Save 10% during launch!

The third installment in the X series features a new storyline in which a certain seemingly insignificant event sparks Master’s curiosity: “What if I had my precious wife-maid sleep with another man?”

X1 Dark is fully compatible with the High Poly Body, allowing you to watch your maids give into temptation in exquisite detail.

Will the maid who vowed to love you forever come back to you in the end, or will she give herself over to the pleasure offered by complete strangers?

Key Features

  1. Brand-New NTR Story!
    This pack adds a new storyline, “Netorase Honeymoon.” It features your beloved wife-maid fooling around with a paramour at the Empire Club, Honeymoon Hotel, and the new “Dance Bar” background.

2.New Yotogi!
“Netorase Honeymoon” also includes 24 new yotogi skills for you to try out!

3.Multiple New Costumes!
1 costume compatible with both the Normal Body and the High Poly Body.
1 costume exclusive to the Male High Poly Body.
2 male hairstyles.

    ◦ Bodycon Dress (Normal Body/High Poly Body)
    ◦ Outlaw Aloha Set (Male High Poly Body only)
    ◦ Hermit Samurai Hair Set (Male hairstyle)
    ◦ Cropped and Clamped Hair (Male hairstyle)

Use these costumes to spice up your honeymoon.
If you have COM3D2.5, you can also use these items with the improved graphics of the High Poly Body.

New background added to Studio Mode!
• Dance Bar

Developer: KISS
Rating: Adult Only, w/Mosaics
Voice: Voiced Except Main Character

Pick it up during launch to save 10%!

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