Nyo-Nin-Jima – My New Life in Charge of a Tropical Island – Now Available on MangaGamer!

Nyo-Nin-Jima – My New Life in Charge of a Tropical Island – from PacoPacoSoft and Shiravune is now available on the MangaGamer store! Pick it up during launch to save 20%!

The day after being fired from the horrible company he had been working at for many years, Shoichi Harama arrived on a remote southern island located hundreds of kilometers from the city.

Though I had no regrets about leaving my job, I was still worried about my future. That is, until the old man responsible for my being fired in the first place gave me an offer―to help him manage an island.

All the members of the Kowakame family; the mother, Nanami; the eldest, Maki; and the youngest, Nono, more than welcomed me as the island’s manager. I felt my battered mind and body starting to heal as their generous hospitality washed away the stresses of society.

However, due to this tropical island’s liberal atmosphere―or perhaps the defenselessness of this all-female household―I found my withered libido beginning to reawaken at the sight of their huge, voluptuous tits and colorful, barely-concealed underwear.

As I was relieving myself of these desires, the sight of Maki fresh out of the bath became too much for me, and I was groping her ample, perky breasts before I knew it.

”I’m sorry… I can’t… contain myself!!!”
”Mr. Shoichi… Your penis looks ready to burst…”
(What’s the play here?! Is this okay…? Can I just go to town on her…?!)
”I-I don’t… mind. Do as you please with me, Mr. Shoichi.”

Flinging back the covers of the futon, I pushed Maki down onto the sheets―

And the next day, after having ravished her to my heart’s content―it was then I realized that there were no other men on Otomehara island.

Developer: PacoPacoSoft
Publisher: Shiravune
Rating: Adult Only, Censored w/ Mosaics
Voice: Female Full Voice

Pick it up during launch and save 20%!

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