Anime Expo Announcement #1: Rose Guns Days!

Today at during Ryukishi07’s panel at Anime Expo, we announced our acquisition of 07th Expansion’s Rose Guns Days. MangaGamer will be releasing a multilingual HD-upscale version featuring updated graphics with Japanese, English, and Chinese language options. This brand-new version of Rose Guns Days will be released in four separate chapters on MangaGamer and Steam.

This brand-new, action-suspense thriller takes place in an alternate history Japan where a natural disaster during World War 2 forced Japan to capitulate to Sino-American forces before the use of the bomb, resulting in a nation divided piecemeal between China and America as both force the native Japanese into the minority as they compete for political superiority in the occupied nation.

When a war veteran and the proprietress of brothel find themselves at the center of multiple gang conflicts, the growing strife soon leads to the birth of a new mafia family aiming to gain power within City 23 to secure the future for their Japanese brethren. Blood, bullets, and tears will fly as mafia vie for control and clash with the occupation forces.

Key Features:

Dramatic Storyline Penned by Ryukishi07: Enjoy an action-packed thriller written by Ryukishi07, famed author of Higurashi When They Cry, Umineko When They Cry, Rewrite, and When the Fireflies Glow.

Strong Cast of Colorful Characters: Every character has a story to tell as a result of the war and their dreams for the future. Yet in true Ryukishi07 fashion, the main cast is full of quirks and flair that play off each other to quickly hook readers into their world, leaving readers laughing alongside them and sharing their dread in heated moments.

Mafia Action: Immerse yourself in the devastated underbelly of a post-war Japan held down by oppressive occupational forces. With few options even available, many seek the safety of numbers provided by organized mobs and leaders who are willing to get their hands dirty to achieve their goals. Gunfights, assassinations, and beatdowns abound as these mafia families war with each other and the occupying armies in a myriad of intrigues and plots.

Updated Graphics: This new multi-lingual release of Rose Guns Days features updated graphics that have been upscaled from the original artwork to 1280 x 960.

When the great powers that be stand against you and your brethren, who can you rely on? Who will prove themselves to truly be one of the family? How far will that family go to secure a future? When the blasts stop echoing and the dust settles, everyone hopes what remains will have been worth the cost.

Check out the teaser page for additional information.

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