Anime Expo Announcement #2: The Alchemist & His Battle-Scarred HomunculusAnime Expo Announcement #2:

Tonight at our panel at Anime Expo, we announced our acquisition of Waffle’s heartwarming, original tale, The Alchemist & His Battle-Scarred Homunculus, currently planned for release on MangaGamer and Steam.

This heartwarming and dramatic tale follows Rakels, the young alchemist who helped create living homunculi to better the lives of mankind, only to have his partner betray him and turn their creations into tools of war. After years of exile for speaking out against their use as weapons during the war, Rakels discovers the battered form of Mel, a homunculus who was discarded by a slave trader.

As the two begin to confront their traumatic pasts together, a new bond is formed that helps them heal and forge a loving future together. Sweet and tender moments abound as Rakels and Mel face their fears of society and intimacy to truly come together as a couple.

Key Features:

Single Heroine Focus: Mel, the homunculus, is the one and only heroine in this title, which means she enjoys that much more characterization and depth of character development. This increased depth of focus allows players to enjoy a more natural progression of attraction and attachment to the charming heroine.

Enjoy the Slow Life: Experience life in a fishing village within a medieval fantasy, savoring the peaceful and relaxing time Rakels and Mel spend together as they find healing and fulfillment in the beautiful, rural countryside.

Caring Young Woman Vibes: Enjoy spending time with a beautiful woman that’s caring and doting, one who will quietly watch over her partner when she’s not being more forward with her desire for intimate attention.

As their love slowly blooms, will Rakels and Mel be able to reintegrate into society? Can Rakels overcome his mistrust of others, and can Mel overcome society’s hatred of what she is? Will they finally be able to pursue their true dreams and live happily ever after? The choices these two make will ultimately determine their fate…

And that’s it for our Anime Expo announcements this year! We look forward to seeing many of you at Otakon next!

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