MangaGamer’s Holiday Sale


Today we’re proud to announce the start of our Holiday Sale! Starting from now until December 28th, everything in our catalog is 20% off*!

Come get a new game like Da Capo 2 or ef – the first tale. and enjoy warm, cozy nights with a cute girl at your side! Or cuddle up by the fire with a great story like DEARDROPS and Dengeki Stryker! Buy a few copies for your friends! Or come by after opening your presents to put that Christmas money to good use!

Everything’s on sale, so there’s never been a better time to buy all those games you’ve been holding off on!

*”Slave Witch April” and “Which girl should I choose?” are excluded from the sale

Announing: Host Holic


Now available: Host Holic, from

Our first Otome and OEL game, Host Holic sees you as an English teacher serving out your last month in Japan. Can you find a boyfriend to help cure your loneliness? Figure out what’s making your students act up so much? Beat that damn claw machine at the arcade? Make enough money to keep your wardrobe up to date and learn mad bento skillz? Give it a whirl in VNG’s point-and-click enhanced Host Holic, now available on the MangaGamer All-Ages site.