Rance Quest Magnum — On Sale February 25th!

Alicesoft’s Rance Quest Magnum is now available for pre-order exclusively on MangaGamer.com! On sale February 25th!

With the new quest system, you can enjoy Rance Quest Magnum while taking the story at your own pace, and it’s a great starting point for newcomers into the series as well!

This product features the base game, Rance Quest, and the Magnum expansion in a single, convenient package! The Magnum expansion includes additional CGs, missions, and an expanded storyline!

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MangaGamer White Christmas Sale

The MangaGamer White Christmas Sale has officially begun and a number of our titles are on sale for the occasion!

Get up to 70% off select products on our website until 9PM PST on December 21st! Check out the list below to discover all of our available discounts!

Sale Period

PST – December 6th, 9PM ~ December 21st, 9PM
EST – December 7th, 12AM ~ December 22nd, 12AM

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Fxxx Me Royally!! ~ Horny Magical Princess — On Sale December 17th!

Kalmia8’s Fxxx Me Royally!! ~ Horny Magical Princess is now available for pre-order on MangaGamer.com!

But wait, there’s more! We’re excited to announce the release of the DLC Bonus Stories and Illustration booklets! The DLC includes 5 Bonus Stories and two illustration booklets in English and Japanese for $5.35! On Sale December 17th!

You will need to purchase the game in order to play the DLC bonus stories.

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Sengoku Rance Limited Edition Hardcopy – On Sale November 27th!

Gahahaha! Sengoku Rance is getting the limited edition treatment! Pre-order today to get your hands on this special hardcopy. On sale November 27th on MangaGamer.com!


  • Special LE box
  • 80pg booklet
  • DVD case with two-sided cover
  • Game disk
  • OST disk
  • Digital download card
  • Kenshin acrylic keychain
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[License Announcement!] Wanting Wings: Her and Her Romance — On Sale November 19th!

If you’ve been keeping up with our secret projects, then surely you have noticed one particular project─Secret Project #3─has been out of beta for some time now. Well, it’s time for the big reveal and we’re launching pre-orders at the same time!

Without further ado, BaseSon Light’s Wanting Wings: Her and Her Romance is now available for pre-order exclusively on MangaGamer.com! On Sale November 19th!

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