Christmas Tina Tester’s Corner #3

Today we have our third and final Christmas Tina tester’s corner!

So pretty much the first thing that happens before I start a test: I get linked a vndb page and asked if I’d be interested in it.

Please ignore the 999 hours in mspaint to cover spoiler-ish stuff that I also don’t think is entirely right…

“Chinese Protagonist,” huh. Nothing super unusual here, though I feel like there’s definitely a conflict between “80s” and “Modern Day Tokyo.” Sure! I’ll bite. It could be cute!

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Christmas Tina Tester’s Corner #2

I am going to be completely transparent- I expected nothing going into Nekoday’s Christmas Tina. Normally, when I agree to beta test a game, I have a very specific reason to be excited about it. The art, the concept, the STUDIO, something! This is the first time I blind grab bagged a title and hoped for the best, and I was pleasantly surprised. I hope you are ready for some shilling, because it is happening!

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Go! Go! Nippon! Live With You!

We’re excited to announce our virtual YouTuber project, Go! Go! Nippon! Live With You!

Makoto and Akira’s debut is scheduled for Friday, July 30th! More information will be made available via our Twitter account, @GGNLive_WithYou.

Go! Go! Nippon! Live With You! is a spinoff of the series of the same name. The game’s heroine sisters, Makoto and Akira Misaki, are here to whisk you away on livestream adventures, be it to a virtual karaoke box, a dangerous dungeon, or even down the everyday streets of Tokyo!

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