Translator's Corner: Throb! The Greatest Inventions of the Sexy Era!

So much excitement!

So much excitement!

I suppose there comes a time for any freelance translator in this line of work to translate nukige. If I was expecting not to do that then certainly I am working for the wrong company. With that said, I did jump at the opportunity to work on T!GISE (abbreviated due to the long and extremely unwieldy title). Certainly, having worked on darker titles in the past, I was all for something a bit more light-hearted. Given the title and the story, I think I found a winner in T!GISE. Softhouse Seal has a way with titles if nothing else.
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Translator's Corner: ef – the first tale.

"Let's get to it!"

Hi all! The head translator for “ef – the first tale” here. It’s almost hard to believe that two years have passed since we signed the deal with MangaGamer and minori to release ef officially. Seeing as how some of the other posts have introduced the game and characters, I thought I would take this opportunity to talk about the process of getting ef out. It certainly has a long history… Continue reading

Bamboo Livechat #3

Once again, our great hero Bamboo has set about livechatting with the fans again. And once again our almost as great heroes Kouryuu, Shinikenshi, Agi, and of course Evospace came through on translation duties.

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Reaching the Queen's Chambers…

Porn fans out there know the value of a good name, and the history of the quality name – a catchy pun or a good parody can increase visibility and sales and get exposure just through chuckles and random google hits. The good folks at Kitty Media (aka Media Blasters) are experts at this, though we certainly had a journey of our own to work out a name for “Conquering the Queen.” Continue reading

Kara no Shoujo Translation Notes

Hey everybody,

For some reason, the translation notes for Kara no Shoujo weren’t included in the game’s release. There’s quite a few of them this time, so we wanted to make sure you could get hold of them. They should be packed in the next time the team in Japan do an update to the site, but for now, you can download them here.

Apologies again for the mixup, and enjoy – but do be warned, there are spoilers within.