Tester’s Corner: Cartagra Ed. Vol 5


Cartagra is the first game I’ve tested for MangaGamer so far that wasn’t a nukige. It’s also the first game ever released by Innocent Grey, who later went on to create the Kara No Shoujo series which some of you may have already played. This game was originally released in 2005 for the PC, so it’s pretty old at this point. Continue reading

MangaGamer Winter Sale!


Today we’re happy to announce our upcoming two week Winter Sale! From December 12th until December 26th, we’re offering 25% or more off on select titles! Come celebrate the holidays with some of the finest  games we have to offer! Hardcopies are on sale too, so you can buy some of our great games as gifts for your friends! Check the full list after the break!  Continue reading