Removed CGs

There’s been a lot of talk lately about the CGs removed from Soul Link. I finally received some word, and for now at least the official statement is as follows:

“Thank you for your feedback regarding Soul Link‘s CG.
A total of 6 CGs from the game will be removed due to having an arguably underage looking character naked.
Because we don’t want to risk getting the law in the way of our future releases, we have decided to cut this CG from this release.
Just to reassure you, no part of text was removed from the game.
I hope you understand that it was a difficult decision made under the current circumstances, and if this issue comes up again in the future, we will be sure to let you know before the release.”

So unfortunately yes, the decision to remove the CGs currently stands. If I hear any more news regarding this decision, I will post it here.

The CGs that have been removed are all CGs which featured the character Inatsuki Nanami in the nude. Though they total 6 CGs, it’s more like 4 CGs have been removed. The first is an image of Nanami in the shower with Nao. The next one is an image of Nanami in the shower, washing Ryouta’s back. The third image is simply a variant of this with her eyes closed. The fourth CG is an image of her after she climbs on bed and gets on top of Ryouta. The image is drawn from his perspective. The fifth CG is a variant of this image with her eyes half-closed. The sixth is an image of Sayaka catching the two characters in the act. In case it helps any, I would like to note that only 6 out 174 total event CGs have been removed.

Also, for clarification, the uncensored tag on the main site means that the HCGs are uncensored so you can see Shuhei’s cock or Aki’s pussy clearly without any nasty mosaics blocking the way.