Women’s History Month – Yuka Kayura Interview


Welcome to the third installment of our Women’s History Month interview series! If you missed the first two installments of the series, you can read part 1 with our localization team here or part 2 our interview with artist Shigeo Hamashima here.

For anyone who may be unfamiliar with Women’s History Month, it’s celebrated in the US, UK and Australia during the month of March to bring attention to the contributions of women in our society. So, in the spirit of Women’s History Month, we decided it’d be a good opportunity to highlight some women creators among our eroge partners and let them tell us about themselves and their work.

This week, we talked to Yuka Kayura, one of Circus‘s artists. She’s in charge of art for the character Otome Asakura in the D.C. Series, among other things.

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