Project Status

LAST UPDATED 8/18/2017

Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni Hou
Onikakushi: On Sale Now! Also on Steam!
Watanagashi: On Sale Now! Also on Steam!
Tatarigoroshi: On Sale Now! Also on Steam!
Himatsubushi: On Sale Now! Also on Steam!
Meakashi: On Sale Now! Also on Steam!
Tsumihoroboshi, Minagoroshi, and Matsuribayashi are all out of TLC and editing now!
Or grab all four in the Question Arc Bundle!

umionsaleUmineko: When They Cry
Question Arc (Eps 1-4): Now on sale! Also on Steam!

Golden Fantasia
Online multiplayer in testing.

bokuten-newBokuTen – Why I Became An Angel
Translation: 100%
Editing: 100%
Port in progress!

If You Love Me, Then Say So!
Beta testing in progress.

Chapter 1: Now available!
Chapter 2: Testing complete.
Chapter 3: 7.6% Translated

Imouto Paradise 2
Translation: 100%
Editing: 100%
Beta testing in progress.

Magical Marriage Lunatics
Translation: 85%
Editing: 82%

The House in Fata Morgana: A Requiem for Innocence
Translation: 77%
Editing: 44%

Sorcery Jokers
Translation: 100%
Editing: 100%
In scripting.

Maggot baits
Translation: 49%

Translation: 90%
Editing: 81%

Hadaka Shitsuji – Naked Butlers
Translation: 100%
Editing: 100%
In beta testing.

Hashihime of the Old Book Town
Translation: 96%
Editing: 19%

Translation: 32%
Editing: 3%

Supipara Chapter 2
Translation: 100%

Funbag Fantasy: Sideboob Story
Translation: 100%
Editing: 62%

The Spirit Master of Retarnia
Translation: 100%
Edit: 100%

Secret Project #1 A Kiss for the Petals – Maidens of Michael
Translation: 100%
Editing: 100%

Translation: 100%
Editing: 63%

Sengoku Rance
Translation: 3%

Rance Quest Magnum
Translation: 4%

The Most Forbidden Love in the World
Translation: 100%
Editing: 100%
In scripting.

Space Live
Translation: 100%
Editing: 100%
Testing complete. Applying fixes.

In development. More news soon!

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