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    Project Status

    LAST UPDATED 8/28/15

    mikanonsaleSweet Sweat in Summer
    Now On Sale!


    asukafinalAsuka Final Chapter
    Now on sale!


    In Beta Testing


    frfr2Free Friends 2
    Translation and Editing Complete


    higurashi_houHigurashi No Naku Koro Ni Hou
    Onikakushi: On Sale Now!
    Translation: Watanagashi at 85%
    Editing: Watanagashi at 57%


    twittercardKara no Shoujo 2
    Demo now available!
    Now in beta testing

    bokuten-newBokuTen – Why I Became An Angel
    Translation: 66.5%
    Editing: 30.05%

    dc3R-updatedDa Capo 3 R X-rated
    Translation: 55.4% (Charles’ Route: 79%)


    gahkthunGahkthun of the Golden Lightning
    Translation: 100%
    Editing: 45%


    Translation: 69.81% (Scarlet Route: 14.41%)


    fataThe House In Fata Morgana
    Translation: 72%
    Editing: 1.3%


    Translation: 16.10%


    joshitsumaMy Boss’ Wife is My Ex!
    Translation: 69%
    Editing: 60%


    Translation (Chapter 1): 18.13%
    Editing: 18.13%


    GGN2015Go Go Nippon 2015
    Translation: Complete!
    Editing: Complete!


    supiparaSupipara Chapter 1
    Translation: 76.8%
    Editing: 57.71%


    kindredspiritsKindred Spirits On The Roof
    Translation: 42%
    Editing: 25%


    himawariHimawari: The Sunflower
    Translation: 100%
    Side stories (Translation): Komorebi: 90% / Kagerou: 47%


    beatbladesharukaBeat Blades Haruka
    Translation: 25.1%
    Editing: 25.1%


    sonohanaA Kiss For The Petals – Remembering How We Met
    Translation: Complete!
    Editing: Complete!
    Scripting: Nearly complete


    uminekoUmineko: When They Cry
    Picked up!


    tokyobabelTokyo Babel
    Translation: ~15%


    pygmalionThe Shadows of Pygmalion
    Picked up!


    Princess Evangile: W Happiness
    Picked up!