Project Status


frfr2Free Friends 2
On Sale Now!

kindredspiritsKindred Spirits On The Roof
Preorder Now! Out: 2/12/2016
Try the demo!

beatbladesharukaBeat Blades Haruka
Pre-order Now! Out: 2/23/2016


Gahkthun of the Golden Lightning
On Sale Now!

Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni Hou
Onikakushi: On Sale Now!
Watanagashi: On Sale Now

bokuten-newBokuTen – Why I Became An Angel
Translation: 79%
Editing: 50%

dc3R-updatedDa Capo 3 R X-rated
Translation: 76.8%
Editing: 74.8%

Translation: 97.5%
Editing: 56%

fataThe House In Fata Morgana
Translation: 100%
Editing: 48%

Translation: 94.00%
Editing: 81%

joshitsumaMy Boss’ Wife is My Ex!
In testing

Translation (Chapter 1): 22.5%
Editing: 18.13%

supiparaSupipara Chapter 1
Preparing to enter beta testing

himawariHimawari: The Sunflower
Translation: 100%
Editing: 100%
Side stories (Translation): Komorebi: 100% / Kagerou: 100%
In scripting.

uminekoUmineko: When They Cry
Picked up!

tokyobabelTokyo Babel
Translation: 100%
Editing: 100%

pygmalionThe Shadows of Pygmalion
Translation: 20.82%

whappinessPrincess Evangile: W Happiness
Translation: 19.8%
Editing: 10%

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