Project Status

LAST UPDATED 12/14/2018

Kindred Spirits on the Roof ~ Full Chorus
Now available for pre-order! Purchase the full version or the upgrade patch today!

If You Love Me, Then Say So!

On sale now!

Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni Hou
Onikakushi: On Sale Now! Also on Steam!
Watanagashi: On Sale Now! Also on Steam!
Tatarigoroshi: On Sale Now! Also on Steam!
Himatsubushi: On Sale Now! Also on Steam!
Meakashi: On Sale Now! Also on Steam!
Tsumihoroboshi: On Sale Now! Also on Steam!
Minagoroshi, and Matsuribayashi are all out of TLC and editing now!
Or grab all four in the Question Arc Bundle!

bokuten-newBokuTen – Why I Became An Angel
(Finally) In beta!

Farther than the Blue Sky
Translation: 100%
Editing: 100%

In beta!

The Most Forbidden Love in the World
In beta. Now utilizes the “Happiness Motion” e-mote system.

Maggot baits
Translation: 100%
Editing: 64.2%

Funbag Fantasy 2
Translation: 100%
Editing: 67%

Amatarasu Riddle Star
Translation: 100%
Editing: 100%

Beat Angel Escalayer R
Translation: 97%
Editing: 58%

Steam Prison
In beta!

Hashihime of the Old Book Town
Translation: 100%
Editing: 100%
In scripting.

Room No. 9
Translation: 69%
Edit: 69%

Luckydog 1
Picked up!

Fxxx Me Royally!
Translation: 62%
Edit: 19%

Lilycle Rainbow Stage!!!
In beta!

The Expression Amrilato
Translation: 100%
Editing: 100%
Scripting and Image editing in progress.

Sengoku Rance
Translation: 100%
Editing: 100%
Localization team now working on UI and images!

Rance Quest Magnum
Translation: 100%
Editing: 87%

Rance IX – The Helmanian Revolution
Translation: 100%

Rance X – Showdown
Translation: 20.3%

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