Anime Expo Guests Update


Joining us for the first time this year at Anime Expo will be Mimasu, president of AKABEiSOFT2, as well as their illustrator, Alpha!

Alpha is the primary illustrator for the AKABEiSOFT2 brand, doing illustrations on many games such as Devil on a G-String, Sharin no Kuni Himawari no Shoujo, and World Love Organization. She’s also still quite active in her doujin circle, Alpha to Yukai na Nakamatachi, as well.

Also joining us is the president of Clochette!

You can see information on the various guest companies in this post.

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  1. Awesome, please convey my admiration for their work and hopes at seeing both Akabesoft2 games (including what’s been patched) and Akatsuki Works (please let us have Comyu, please!) games officially available in english.

    • No point in releasing stuff everyone’s played.

      Well if you hate money you could~

      • Shinesman Moss Green

        because everyone pirates? you admitting something?

        I would love to see more games of story orientation and to my belief Akatsuki and Akabesoft2 are two heavy hitters as far as story oriented games go. I hope we get to see something released over here. They could do what Jast is doing with previously translated Nitro titles. Easier to release and probably less cost. Not to mention if the games that are fan-translated would almost always stop if asked and especially if an official license is being made. At least that is what happened with Nitro+. Demonbane was translated previous was it not?

        • It doesn’t immediately mean piracy. Fuji means that people have already played the games of which fan translations are available. And these people who have already played the games won’t feel compelled to buy the official English release when they’ve already played it.

          Whether they played the fan translation on a legit Japanese copy or on a pirated copy, that’s beside the point.

  2. Sharin no Kuni AND G-senjou no Maou…I fear if I go I will die of heart problems….

  3. Nintendo Maniac 64

    OK, really… having the blog posts not sorted by date is getting really annoying for me – it makes it considerably easier to miss an update (which I’ve already have done)

  4. Thank you for bringing Katakura, Yamamoto and Alpha to AX, MangaGamer! I loved how many sketches both girls were able to do and how detailed they were. Although I didn’t spend as much at MG this year (I would have had Katakura been able to draw anything but Kirakira on Friday-Sunday), I was very pleased with the sketches I did receive. Thank you, once again, for making my AX experience a good one and I look forward to seeing what artists you’ll bring in ’12!

  5. Anyone get some pictures of the artists at work?

  6. Ah..Alpha isn’t the on you’re talking about.

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