Horny Elves and A Moral Orc––Tester’s Corner

Hello! I’m Feinerine, back for another Tester’s Corner article! This one I’ll be talking about is Horny Elves and a Moral Orc, a visual novel from Waffle, the creators of Funbag Fantasy, along with originally a 4-panel comic by Tomokichi! Just from the title, you can guess that it centres around a few horny elves and an orc who has to put up with their shenanigans.

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Namaiki Dark Elf Sisters –– Tester Corner #1!

Namaiki Dark Elves is a nukige coming from Waffle, who’s generally known for the Funbag Fantasy series. This one isn’t as similar to Funbag, given that there’s only a few busty characters along with a flatter heroine. However, it boasts a good amount of H-scenes just like that series, but is there a harem ending? I won’t spoil it.

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Christmas Tina Tester’s Corner #3

Today we have our third and final Christmas Tina tester’s corner!

So pretty much the first thing that happens before I start a test: I get linked a vndb page and asked if I’d be interested in it.

Please ignore the 999 hours in mspaint to cover spoiler-ish stuff that I also don’t think is entirely right…

“Chinese Protagonist,” huh. Nothing super unusual here, though I feel like there’s definitely a conflict between “80s” and “Modern Day Tokyo.” Sure! I’ll bite. It could be cute!

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Christmas Tina Tester’s Corner #2

I am going to be completely transparent- I expected nothing going into Nekoday’s Christmas Tina. Normally, when I agree to beta test a game, I have a very specific reason to be excited about it. The art, the concept, the STUDIO, something! This is the first time I blind grab bagged a title and hoped for the best, and I was pleasantly surprised. I hope you are ready for some shilling, because it is happening!

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