Higurashi Hou: The Final Chapters (Part 1)

With this final release in the Higurashi Hou series, fans can now enjoy three new chapters that have never been available to English fans before: Outbreak, Kamikashimashi-hen, Mehagashi-hen, and Hinamizawa Bus Stop. So today we’d like to take a moment to introduce the first two of these four new chapters a little more.

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Introduction to Hapymaher

Long time no see! Tuna Salad here, editor for Hapymaher. Though it’s been a long (almost) two years, Hapymaher is finally done and only a few days away from release!

For those of you who recognize my name, thanks for sticking with MangaGamer all these years! Hapymaher marks the first time I get to write about a game I worked on in such an open format, and while I have been working with MangaGamer for a very long time now, I’ve mostly kept to the shadows.

But enough about me, let’s talk dreams!

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