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Aoi Tori from Purple Software and NekoNyan is now available for pre-order on the MangaGamer store! Save 15% when you pre-order! Available April 30th!

November, the start of winter.
Kirihara Academy for Girls, a missionary boarding school located in the remote Japanese mountains.
It’s here we find our protagonist, Shiratori Ritsu, the sole male allowed on campus and the school priest.
He has the power to bring bliss to those he touches, and that ability is enhanced if the contact is sexual in nature. Never once has he set foot outside the academy grounds, which protect him from demons lusting after him. But the girls of this academy come to him, believing he’s their guardian angel, and he obliges.
For he is burdened by the death of a girl, which strengthened his resolve to make others happy. This constant mix of the holy and the sinful has him just barely holding onto his sanity. And the sudden arrival of a new girl raises the curtain on a whole new story. For she is the one hundred year old vampire, Mary Harker.
However, her infiltration of the academy brings with it another surprise… Namely, a phone call from the devil.
Can these powers of his truly bring joy to people’s hearts? For what reason was he born?”
This is a tale of life, woven into prayer.

Developer: Purple Software
Publisher: NekoNyan Ltd.
Rating: Adult, uncensored
Voicing: Fully Voiced (not the MC)

Pre-order and save 15%!

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