Distant Memoraĵo Editor’s Corner

(The following blog posts contains spoilers forThe Expression Amrilato and mentions of scenes in Distant Memoraĵo.)
Saluton! Hello, there! It’s Noto, editor of The Expression Amrilato, and now its sequel Distant Memoraĵo, which will be releasing later this month! If you enjoyed the first game, I can’t recommend the second enough: there’s more Rin, more Ruka, more Rei, and more rabbits, to boot.

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Sisterly Bliss – Editor’s Corner

Hi folks, FTB here on behalf of Sisterly Bliss: Don’t Let Mom Find Out. As you can no doubt guess from the title, this is a game about a pair of sisters (twins, no less) who love each other a great deal, and with great enthusiasm. Ichika, the levelheaded older sister, and Futaba, the spirited younger sister, may not have a lot in common, but that’s exactly what makes them such a perfect match. All their lives, they’ve made up for what each other lacks, helped one another, and grown together into a pair of mature young ladies just starting to explore their sexuality.

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Editor’s Corner – Sweet Switch

Hey everybody! Ryechu here. I hope everybody has been well! Today, I get to share with all of you my love for Ammolite titles! I had the honor of working with TBAC (one of my best friends in the localization industry who I have worked before with on projects outside of MangaGamer—and no, you cannot have him) on Sweet Switch! This is actually my first official localization, but this is my third editing project with MangaGamer! Continue reading