Lkyt Translator’s Corner

Today we have some words from Ralen, the translator of parade’s latest BL game, Lkyt! Lkyt is currently available for pre-order on the MangaGamer store and it will also be available on Steam upon release on April 20th!

I don’t often write for the MangaGamer blog, but I found this title so compelling, it was hard to resist. Lkyt is my first introduction to the BL genre, although whether it can truly be classified as a “Boys’ Love” title is highly debatable. Even author Tatsuya Kurashiki himself prefers to categorize it as a “sexual bromance,” but no matter what you choose to call it, the plot and storytelling are unmatched.

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Jeanne At The Clock Tower: Translator’s Corner

Hello, I’m ZackZeal! A series of questionable life choices and a good deal of luck has led me down the path to being a translator, where I spend 25% of my time translating h-scenes and the remaining 75% complaining about said h-scenes. And in between, I sometimes consume other mediums of JP media. 

So when I was approached with the task of translating Jeanne at the Clock Tower, it naturally made me wonder, as I’m sure some of you have, about two things. What is this game about, and why does Japanese media seem to be so focused about Jeanne d’Arc, of all historical figures? Not just Jeanne at the Clock Tower, but lots of other media franchises, big and small alike, have varied depictions of this historical heroine.

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