New Hard Copies!

As we mentioned last month, there’s some new hard-copies on the horizon, and today we’re announcing what they are!

First up on the lineup is Go Go Nippon! This hard copy will be available for an MSRP of $15.

The next one seeing a release at long last, is the Edelweiss Deluxe Set! This set contains both Edelweiss and Edelweiss Eiden Fantasia on one disc for an MSRP of $40.

The last one getting a hard copy this round is We Love Master! This disc full of maids will be yours for an MSRP of $35.

As usually, all of our hard copies will be DRM free, and all three of these releases will be Regular Editions, with no bonus extras. Barring any unforeseen hiccups, Go Go Nippon and Edelweiss should be shipping from the printers to J-list by December 20th. J-list has already started taking pre-orders, so if you want to get your copy by Christmas, be sure to order it now!

There are currently some minor adjustments being made to We Love Master, so it’s a little behind schedule, but it should still be out and available before New Years… hopefully.

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  1. There’s a typo on the front cover of “Go Go Nippon” in the lower right corner that should be fixed.

    Hard copies by Christmas would be very awesome indeed.

  2. I’m a bit disappointed at the lack of of extras, but the packaging is impressively professional looking in all three cases. They look really good!

  3. I can’t believe I read “expansion” on Edelweiss’s back cover as “sexpansion” lol well it actually pretty much justifies the image behind it.

    I’m definitely buying Go Go Nippon! I’ll take Nukiges as download only for obvious reasons, sorry. Really want the Edelweiss one because its so pretty, but I might get Da Capo II instead since I haven’t read that one….of course from rightstuf, Edelweiss will have to wait after christmas.

    I wish these hard copies the best of luck!!

  4. Ohhh~! I might get the first two sometime, I’ll give the maids a miss tho…downloading that was fine enough for me

  5. Oh man, I am so glad I waited on buying these VNs. The packaging for all three look great! Awesome job MG. Can’t wait to get my hands on ’em!

  6. I haven’t bought Edelweiss yet, so I guess this is my chance!

  7. When i get my first hard copy of my favorite game i’ll go with harem party.

    • Upss. I wanted to say, “We love master” The hard copy. It’s just that i have talked too much abouth harem party lately that the name jus splited of my mouth. I wanted a hard copy of Da capo, then “we love master” hard copy.

  8. Not really interested in Go Go Nippon hard copy. I would buy the Edelweiss Deluxe Set, but I have already got the game and its fandisc as download versions and I ain’t gonna pay twice for it. Now, “We love master”, that I will definitely buy. It’s a good thing I haven’t already acquired the download edition.

  9. Go! Go! Nippon blurb should read “touches down /at/ the airport” not “/in/” the airport.

    Will be getting GGN and Edelweiss. I take it they will be avaiable on the Euro store site?

  10. I already own a download copy of both Edelweiss and Go Go Nippon, still I might buy their hard copies too since I still prefer hard copies to digital ones.

  11. The We Love Master box has an 18+ label… You know, as if the cover wasn’t already making that obvious.

    But great news! =D I sadly probably won’t be buying ay of these any time soon. Perhaps We Love Master, as I don’t have that yet and want to give it a try someday.

    • Take it from someone who has regularly worked at 18+ dealer’s booths at conventions: people are stupid, more often than not, they are parents who are just there to hold their kid’s hand an didn’t think ‘cartoons’ could be so…diverse…

      • Yeah, but even a quick glance at the front or back cover would make you see the numerous sex toys, penises and vaginas. And then there’s the buckets of sperm and the suggestive poses/looks.
        I don’t think anyone would be able to miss all that, but notice the 18+ label.

        Then again, I don’t have any experience with stupid people, so I’ll take your word on this…

    • Well it’d technically be illegal to sell those anywhere in NA if they didn’t have an 18+ label.

  12. I will definitely get Edelweiss and most likely Go!Go!Nippon! whenever they go up at Right Stuf.

  13. So any news on the 4th hard copy release that you promised or are you going to make us wait…?

  14. I’ll go make my preorders

  15. “18+ PC GAME”

    Take that crap off and it’ll look fine.

    A pretty and SHINY label with 18+ doesn’t look as obnoxious.

    • I have to agree to a degree with this. I wonder if it’s possible for future titles to have slightly less… obnoxious warning labels. Perhaps something akin to the ESRB logos?

  16. It’s me o Go go nippon say Visual noBel with b? or I make a mistake? I’m still learning english

    Maybe I buy We love master πŸ™‚

  17. I’m really sad about the lack of a Kara no Shoujo hard copy πŸ™

    Maybe I will pick Go Go Nippon and Edelweiss.

  18. Edelweiss interests me and I think I’ll buy it. I already bought Go! Go! Nippon the download version. BTW guys is it possible for you guys to release this title Aku no Onna Kanbu β€œKono Watashi ni Oshiokidato!? Fuzakeruna!???? thanks

  19. I wish I waited, I want a Hard Copy of Go Go Nippon lol. Oh well.

    Maybe if one for Kara no Shoujo ever comes around I’ll pick it up.

  20. Just wondering if there is any time frame for when we can expect these to show up in the EU store?

  21. When yorus had started sells these hard copies and all others previously released in Brazil??????

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