Boob Wars is now up for Pre-Orders!

We’re proud to announce that Boob Wars is open for pre-orders!

The time is now the future. Great change has shook the foundation of the world, driving an irreparable wedge between all of mankind–The Bust Revolution! B cups, C cups, and D cups are no more! All women are either now either E and above or A and below, with men as divided as their breast sizes! As the women’s petty insults of “Cow Udders” and “Lowbreeds” spread along with the flames of war, everything is about go tits up! That’s were you, Eagle’s top Erorist come in! Your job is to seduce the queens and put an end to the Boob Wars! Will you destroy one side, forever banishing a breed of boobs from the land? Or will you make both nations find peace at the tip of your proud sword?!

Big Breasts or Flat Chests! You decide which is better!

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  1. Just preordered

  2. … Huh. This is quite possibly the weirdest concept I’ve ever heard (in a genre filled with weird concepts)… and I’m extremely interested because of it.

  3. raincoat superstar

    “The Bust Revolution! B cups, C cups, and D cups are no more! All women are either now either E and above or A and below”

    Hasn’t this always been the case with eroge and anime porn in general? Sure seems like it sometimes 😛

    Anyway, as a fan of those B, C, and D cups the game cruelly disregards, I’m not sure there’s too much for me here. Cute character designs, though, and I’m interested to hear more about the card battle system.

    • That does seem to be the case for some eroge’s out there. Either you get flat, some you think are flat, or those outrageously humongous cup sizes. Maybe the second one – – will have different sizes, but the picture makes it look like it only has the 2 sizes also.

      As for the card battle, it is sort of like Princess Waltz’s card battles, but at the same time it is different.

  4. or the ones where the breasts are so big, the women would be incapable of standing upright, sizes that you wouldn’t find in real life except in implants.

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