'Really? Really!' Patch 1.06


We’ve put together a patch to address some issues users are seeing with ‘Really? Really!’, which you can download below. It’s a little bigger than our usual patch (120mb), sorry about that! Anyone downloading the game after June 8th will not need to download this, as their game will already be patched.

Here’s what 1.01 fixes:

  • Fixed an issue that caused most visuals to not be visible on some Intel graphics adapters.
  • Fixed a bug where you could get stuck in the View Memories screen.
  • Fixed an issue where some buttons would not be visible in the CG Gallery.

Fixed in 1.02:

  • Fixed some saved games having Japanese names.
  • Fixed one of Nadeshiko’s H scenes having censored CG.

Fixed in 1.03:

  • Fixed an issue where changing between windowed and fullscreen would cause some user interface elements to not be clickable where they are visible.
  • Added the ability to advance text by scrolling down on the mouse scroll wheel.

Fixed in 1.04:

  • Auto mode now waits for voice to finish before advancing to the next line.

Fixed in 1.05:

  • Fixed a regression where the fullscreen option on the config screen wouldn’t properly toggle full screen mode.

Fixed in 1.06:

  • Fixed an issue where the ‘x’ button on the message window wouldn’t hide the main UI.
  • Rewrote the main shader to hopefully solve the ‘black screen’ issue that some users get.

To install, simply download the following archive and extract it into your game folder. You can grab the download here: ReallyReallyPatch106.

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  1. Hi, how many more patches are planned?

    • I’ve been making a patch for every issue that’s been reported to our support email. I imagine most issues have been solved, but if new issues come up at any point, I will likely make a new patch for it. It’s worth mentioning that most issues reported are relatively minor (unless you’re affected by the blank screen bug fixed by 1.01), and going unpatched shouldn’t reduce your enjoyment of the game.

  2. Do you guy plan to release a walkthrough?

  3. i’m still getting black screen after installed 1.03 or 1.05 and i’m using win 8 right now pls help

    • At the moment I don’t have any outstanding reports in support, so if you have an issue, I’d recommend forwarding your output_log.txt from your ReallyReally_Data folder (in the installed folder for really really) to support@mangagamer.com with a brief description of the issue, and we can take a look and see what’s wrong and maybe fix this up for you.

      Edit: 1.06 should fix it up for you!

      • after i extracted the patch , i open the game in the patch folder but it requires “charge identification number”. do you know what it is?

  4. is there any walkthrough avaliable for this game

  5. when i start the game it is black but i can still read the text but it ends when the lain says keade chan stop calm down..is there any way to fix it please help me

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