Tester’s Corner: Amber Breaker Ed. Vol 1

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Today we’d like to feature our first Tester’s Corner for Amber Breaker by ringthing!

This is my first beta test with MangaGamer, and I tackled Amber Breaker, a 2008 Morningstar release. It’s a very short nukige, with about an hour’s worth of play. The entire game is almost entirely non-consensual h-scenes, with an emphasis on penetration, bondage, breathplay, and some particularly innovative use of vaginal fluid. There’s a single choice towards the end of the game that gives the option of including some girl on girl scenes, and the single ending also includes yuri.
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The story finds Amber Breaker, a heroic Jewelstar, on a quest to rescue fellow magical girls Ruby Striker and Lapis Gunner from the villainous Zodiac. Zodiac is able to overpower Amber and uses his well-endowed (and often well-tentacled) minions to try and break her with sexual pain and pleasure. When she’s eventually reunited with her fellow Jewelstars, she finds that Lapis has already been mentally destroyed by the experience and has succumbed to her lust. Amber and Ruby try to resist, but eventually give in as well.

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All three female characters are fully voiced and well voice acted. The art can skew towards the grotesque, but stays on model throughout. If you’re into bondage, tentacles, non-con, or breathplay, this game should suit you. It isn’t particularly story-heavy, which was expected, but surprisingly disappointing – Zodiac comes up with some particularly insane tortures, and I kind of wanted the opportunity to ask him some follow up questions. Maybe they’re saving that for the sequel?

– ringthing

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  1. I’m more interested in what this “innovative use of vaginal fluid” is about…

  2. shut up and take my money!

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