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Today we have three new announcements to share from Fanime: Asuka Final Chapter, Sweet Sweat in Summer, and My Boss’ Wife is My Ex!


The exciting end to Warrior Princess Asuka is finally here in Asuka Final Chapter! Until now Asuka managed to hold out and keep her mind intact as she faces Girudea’s ministrations, but he has a new plan in mind to break her spirit once and for all. Tentacles, futa, egg-laying, and boundless expressions of pleasure await in this hot conclusion to Asuka’s final defeat!


In Sweet Sweat in Summer (Natsuiro Mikan), join Kouhei on his journey to recover his memories. As he travels to his hometown in search of his missing memories, he finds it deserted save for a lone young girl. Enticed by each other’s presence, the two begin to enjoy their hot and sultry summer full of new experiences and the sweet sweat of intermingling bodies.


Developed by Ammolite, Sweet Sweat is a special treat for fans of an age gap between characters. With art by Ichikawa Noa, the artist behind Secret Sorrow of the Siblings and Hypno-Training My Mother and Sister, and voice acting from Serizono Miya, the voice of Rinrin from Koihime Musou and Sakura from Edelweiss, Sweet Sweat really brings out the cute and innocent appeal of Karin as she explores her desires with you.


In My Boss’ Wife is My Ex, Tomoki faces new troubles in the office. After the old boss steps down along with their financial manager, the new leader of the company hires his wife Shiho to manage the finances and employees. Shiho–his old ex-girlfriend–takes to her job with authority, cracking down on lenient policies and causing stress for everyone in the office when Tomoki uncovers his old sex-tapes capturing her in the act with him. With that evidence in hand, he begins solving the office tensions by reminding her how good sex can feel with her sensitive body.


Developed by AppetiteMy Boss’ Wife is My Ex is a nice treat for fans of office ladies and light NTR. With more artwork by Ichikawa Noa, there’s plenty of hot scenes to sate the appetite in these office escapades!

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  1. Nice announcements! I just bought the raw for Sweet Sweat from DMM. Very sexy game which I can’t wait to play in English. Didn’t see in the article if that specific game is uncensored.

    • Same parent company as Appetite, so there should be no differences in handling the censorship.

      • Even if we know that they subsidiaries of the same company, MangaGamer didn’t mention specifically why Appetite’s games were censored (i.e. whether the uncensored CGs were unusable or unavailable or if Appetite/Amenonuboko didn’t want to allow an uncensored release) so that’s why the question is being asked. Natsuiro Mikan was released in Japan well after the partnership with MangaGamer started so unless Ammolite or Amenonuboko doesn’t want an uncensored release there is a good chance the uncensored CGs are available for MangaGamer to use.

  2. Since “Asuka Final Chapter” only seems to contain rape h-Scenes, I will stay far away from it.
    “Sweet Sweat” looks great, but for the sake of a quite conscience I try to stay away from lolicon.
    The art of “My Boss’ Wife is My Ex” looks arousing, if it isn’t to rapey and if the NTR is actually “light”, then I’m probably going to buy it.

  3. Nothing to see here, just more nukige. Sigh. More story driven titles would be nice.

  4. Natsuiro looks interesting. I’d like to give try it eventually.

  5. Anything with Miya Serizono is an instant buy for me 🙂

  6. Every of these VN will be fully uncensored, right?

  7. Wow, Mangagamer is releasing pure loli-ge now (Sweet Sweat in Summer)?

    I’m not a huge fan of nukige, but this one has a decent rating with an EGS median of 70 and 10 votes. It’s good to see MG is willing to license titles like this. Now if only they’d consider a loli kami-ge like Monobeno…

  8. I’m surprised by Sweet Sweet coming over.

  9. Natsuiro Mikan looks nice, but to be honest, if its not uncensored I probably wont be buying it.
    Nukige exist for little more than the porn, so whats the point if its censored 8D

    I dont mind so much if a full story focused VN has censored art, cause at least then you are getting the lengthy story out of it.

  10. I missed this announcement and arrgh – I bought Natsuiro Mikan from Melonbooks DL back in February.

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