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A big thank you to everyone who attended our panel tonight at Anime Central! Do we have a lot of announcements to cover or what?

First up, our huge new hardcopy lineup set for release in July, just in time for Anime Expo! All titles are available for pre-order right now!


First, we have ClockUp’s notorious erotic thriller, euphoria! Available as a stand-alone edition and bundled with a limited-edition wallscroll (which can also be purchased separately). If you pre-order either version, you’ll receive a copy of the OST as well (while supplies last!).


Next, our first title from Alicesoft, Beat Blades Haruka! The hardcopy comes as a two-disk set including a 31 track OST and can be purchased in a bundle with a limited-edition wallscroll or alone (or just the wallscroll).


Kindred Spirits on the Roof will also be joining our hardcopy lineup with a fabulous limited edition complete with the game, soundtrack, a mini-artbook, Steam key card and slipcase!


And last but certainly not least, Kara no Shojo: The Second Episode! The limited edition hardcopy includes the game, OST and a slipcase.

All of the new hardcopies will start shipping on July 1st and be available at Anime Expo!

We’ve also got a number of new titles up for pre-order right now!


The second Kindred Spirits drama CD, Friendship Plans is now available for pre-order! It’ll be out on our site and Steam next week!


We know many of you have been eagerly awaiting the next installment of Higurashi––well the third chapter, Tatarigoroshi, will be out on June 24th on our site and Steam! Pre-order now to snag it for 10% off!


And we also have the first four chapters of Umineko, the question arc, available for pre-order at 10% off! It’ll be out on our site and Steam on July 8th!

Onto our new acquisitions!


Some of you may have caught the announcement at the end of The House in Fata Morgana already, but to make it official: we’ve picked up the prequel, A Requiem for Innocence as well! A Requiem for Innocence is a tale set prior to the stories of Fata Morgana. A young girl, “the daughter of God” whose blood is claimed to provide miraculous healing powers, waits kneeling at the chopping block before a young man steps in to intervene and rescue her! This “happy” tale will share the very first chapter of the young girl’s life.


Our second new acquisition is our brand-new partnership with Waffle to bring you Funbag Fantasy (also known as Kyonyuu Fantasy)! A lewd, tongue-in-cheek fantasy adventure, Funbag Fantasy is all about keeping unreasonable medieval armor design and shoulder pain abreast with sword and sorcery!

Lute Hende is a simple man who likes simple things like bread and boobs. He was never ambitious enough to seek wealth or aspire for fame and glory, but that never stopped him from spotting D-cups from the other side of town. The most notable thing he ever achieved in life was to get into the Kingdom of Edelland’s prestigious Royal Knight Academy. Unfortunately, he spent most of his time ogling his classmate Isis’s chest before finally graduating the last of his class.

Lute is the kind of person most people would call a loser or a good-for-nothing. Though he isn’t the type to let such insults bother him, he was now a knight and that meant girls, girls, girls! Or at least that’s what it would have meant if he didn’t get sent to the backwater province of Boan. Little does he know, his relegation to the middle of nowhere would put him in the middle of a conspiracy to overthrow the crown, and between the busty mounds of a man-eating succubus bent on sucking the life out of him.

And last, but absolutely not least we can finally reveal our special guests for Anime Expo!


First up is the very talented concept artist, visual novel illustrator, graphic designer, and manga artist, Ms. Shigeo Hamashima! Her work is featured in Eroge!, euphoria, and No, Thank You!!! just to name a few!







nbkzAnd we’re also bringing Sakai “nbkz” Nobukazu of minori over! nbkz has been a member of minori since its founding, has acted as director for several of its productions, and as a producer for its complete library. His role is that of a Quality Controller (Checker) whom guarantees the quality of each and every one of minori’s products. He works hard behind the scenes, deeply involved with the initial and final stages of product development. His most famous works are, ef – a fairy tale of the two. and eden*.





And that’s it for this convention! Keep an eye on our announcements and convention schedule page for more information about upcoming events! We’ll be at Fanime next week and then Anime Expo in July!

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  1. Well, as a big fan of the series I have nothing but the biggest thanks for bringing the first entry in the Kyonyuu Fantasy series to this side of the ocean. You guys rock!!

    …Though if I have to nitpick I have to say the translation title is a little…off sounding.

  2. Overall I guess better then Boston? Imouto Paradise was obvious, but Funbag Fantasy(I honestly find the name amusing) was a decent surprise Heard decent things about it and I personally like the art a lot. fata and the drama cds were about the same level for okay that’s nice for me. Really glad to see Umineko finally getting a release date. It was getting really weird that a full year almost passed without a lick of news on that.
    Might end up getting the Haruka scroll. I really want it but money will be tight until the end of June. I honestly just want Anime Expo to be here so we can get to the real announcements for the year. While I like the nukige choices for the cons so far, I really want to see more then just that for big titles this year.

  3. Pretty nice news, just one problem: Not enough new Alice-soft games.

  4. KnS2 Hardcopy yay!!! Which tracks will be in the OST? Can we please have the lyrics of the songs (so I can sing them and annoy my father)?

  5. Wish I could go see Hamashima, she’s definitely one of my top artists with what she does with eyes and color. I’m glad she’s going to attend AX, though.
    nkbz, on the other hand… well. Hopefully he gets to change lots of his stances and general attitude after attending the event.

  6. Nnice, albeit some announcements were pretty obvious to happen (euphoria hardcopy, for example).
    I might be going down the route of purchasing all the hardcopies you just announced, but same as Jikorde, I’m short on money (recently, I found the heave for any fan of VN’s and Eroge called ”Mandarake”, so I might be spending some money there for getting myself some more exotic (and maybe even controversial) titles).
    I personally am not that much into Waffle’s artwork, but I certainly won’t say no to more variety when it comes to localisations, so if people like their works, that’s totally fine.

    Anyways, Fata Morgana and its prequel, euphoria and KnS2 (maybe even Beat Blades Haruka), Higurashi Ch. 3 and Umineko definitely peek my interest.
    Thank you, Mangagamer. 🙂

  7. Which version of Funbag Fantasy does Mangagamer have? According to VNDB, the 2009 original was 800×600 resolution, but there was a combo rerelease in 2011 that bumped the resolution up to 1280×720 (don’t know if they redid the art or just sort of stretched things).

  8. I’m actually really hyped for the Kyonyuu announcement. The animation of it was the very first hentai I watched when it came out and it immediately raised the bar very high for me when it comes to hentai series.

    Although, I gotta say, could you please consider changing the english name? I get that you’re making use of alliteration but it just sounds off and frankly kind of cringeworthy. ‘Funbag’ sounds pretty dated and dorky to me and the word ‘bag’ implies to me that we’re talking about saggy breasts rather than the firm kind in the game itself. I’d think ‘Big Boob Fantasy’ or something would be much better.

    • Agreed. But I’d rather the title go with its alias Honeydew Fantasy just to separate it from the already used boob title, boob wars. I mean even the Japanese online retailers hobbysearch and cdjapan selling Shamesiel’s dakimakura has it under Honeydew Fantasy.

      PLEASE RECONSIDER RENAMING IT MANGAGAMER. I really don’t want a game from my “dream list” to be associated with such a name.

      • That would be even better, it sounds good, original and way classier. Given how high quality the series’ writing and characterization apparently is among eroge/nukige(?) it would be doing it justice.

        Just for fun: try to imagine someone putting the collector’s box on display and having to explain to random people that ‘Funbag Fantasy’ is genuinely a high quality product of it’s kind.

        • Travis Pritchett

          …Man. I couldn’t agree more, but… they’ve already paid for that graphic. I doubt anything’ll change now, much as I might wish it would.

  9. I generally don’t know about games in Japan until a company announces that a particular title is being localized. So I’m going in blind, but Funbag Fantasy looks good. From vndb – Comedy, Harem Ending, Succubus Heroine – three things I generally like a lot. I’m happier to get a lighter title mixed in with the heavier, darker titles.

    Shigeo Hamashima has to be one of the most talented cats on the planet. I would think it would be tough to draw things using paws. 🙂

  10. So many wonderful news here! A bit surprised to see KnJ2 and not Cartagra, though, I still haven’t touched my KnJ hard copy because I was hoping to get to the prequel first. Any hope to still see Cartagra in physical form as well?

  11. I don’t think it’s ever going to happen. As far as I know, Cartagra didn’t sell all that well.

  12. No freaking way kyonyuu fantasy!!! I remember it was just me and another person requesting for it a couple years back. The other person had written a review for it too. Haven’t been this hyped for from announcements in a while.

    • I also agree with the others about naming it Funbag Fantasy. It seriously lacks appeal. Sounds kind of like a low budget soft house seal game. Still looking at the art book I bought the Funbag Fantasy just doesn’t seem to do it justice. Why not just use Honeydew Fantasy? It’s apparent alias on vndb. Even sites like figure retailer hobbysearch use it for their English page of shamesiel’s dakimakura.

  13. …Pretty much, though the title’s got me worried too.

    Then again, “Kyonyuu” was hardly the best title in the world in the first place.

  14. First off I to am excited for Kyonyuu Fantasy but am also concerned about the name, personally I think it sounds horrible, I would also like to second the question about resolution put forth by GUEST and finally I was also wondering about whether any of the guys who were trying to fan translate it have been brought onboard and if their work in any way prompted the acquisition.

    On the hardcopy front I will definitely be picking up all of them eventually but I don’t know how many I can afford straight away, I might just preorder Euphoria for now, as for the wall scrolls I don’t know if I can afford those. Most of all I’m glad to see that despite the sites troubles around launch Beat Blades Haruka did well enough to get a hardcopy. Heres hoping for some more good news from Alice soft in the future.

  15. I like the announcements. I’m very happy that you guys got Kyonyuu Fantasy! As for the hardcopies, I’m definitely picking up Euphoria and Kindred Spirits since I haven’t picked those up yet. I’ll probably get the Haruka wall scroll too, but I think I’ll pass on the hardcopy. I already bought the digital, and I don’t quite like it enough to rebuy it. I’ll probably end up picking up Kara no Shoujo 2 as well, but I still need to get the hardcopy of the first one.

    I wish I could go to Anime Expo ;_;

  16. Oh man, I’m really excited that Shigeo Hamashima will be coming to the states – her art in No, Thank You!!! is entirely the reason I purchased Eroge! (I like eroge titles – this game just wasn’t on my radar before).

    Sadly, *I* am not going to Anime Expo, and I may cry. Hopefully I’ll be able to send a friend in the area a thank you letter to give, and something to sign.

  17. I was honestly a bit disappointed when you announced 4 hard copies in a row as someone who doesn’t really buy them, but the Higurashi and Umineko date announcement more than made up for it. At least Anime Expo won’t have as many hardcopy announcements.

    For next year, I’d recommend labeling if an announcement is a hardcopy or a new game acquisition at least.

    • Agree, it would really help to know what expect. I for example expected at least one new Alicesoft game. And was somewhat disappointed. Oh well, atleast BBH hardcopy is in right direction

      • It would be neat if announcements mentioned which company it is related to if MG was already partnered to them. That may be too much of a spoiler though.

        I’m such a fanboy of Alicesoft that if MG announced something Alicesoft related, I’d probably buy it first day. Not all of their games are great, and some are pretty bad, but I trust MG has been listening hard enough to figure out which ones are worth localizing.

        Rance 01 is probably the most likely Rance game. Evenicle is the non-Rance Alicesoft game people want most right now, but that seems too new to be likely. I’ll bet the Beat Angel Escalayer remake, Pastel Chime 2/3, or Oyako Rankan will be announced in Anime Expo.

        • I would say Rance 6 and 5D are more likely then 01, as both of those are basically release ready. The most likely Alicesoft game though is probably going to be something like a Tsuma game, Escaslayer, or Oyako Rankan due to how well haruka is doing.

  18. Uwaaa, I wish I could go to Anime Expo this year (;﹏;) Just for Shigeo Hamashima, No, Thank You!!! now has a very special place in my heart and I hope she and Parade can work together again to bring fans other sides of the Sotano boys we haven’t yet seen.

    As for new titles, as happy as I am to see the next chapter of Higurashi and Umineko on the way I’m crossing my fingers for another BL title… Current games on my wishlist include Anata Nikki ~Euphoria~ and Tsumi Naru Rasen no Ori coming out this week in Japan and 2014’s PigeonBlood… (๑•́ ₃ •̀๑)

  19. It’s great that you guys are able to localize so many titles! But after your Ozmafia! localization, I’m hoping you’ll be able to bring over even more otome games to the west for us fans of them! I would buy the next localized otome in a heartbeat, and it would be great if you were to pick up more titles from that genre to translate and sell.

  20. I really hope you reconsider the title “Funbag Fantasy”, It sounds like a low budget fanmade game when Kyonyuu Fantasy is actually a high quality nukige series. I shudder at the thought of you guys using funbag as a actual translation of Kyonyuu in the game itself

    The title is bad enough that the author of the series is calling you out on how bad it is.

  21. Not only is Waffle posting the news to their blog, but we also get some english screenshots too:

    Though I am curious how the Web Survey is going to function. Will the results it go to MG, Waffle or both?

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