Da Capo III R ~ X-Rated On Sale Now!


At long last, Da Capo III R ~ X Rated is now available for download! If you would prefer the all-ages version, Da Capo III R, it will be available for purchase later today on Steam!

Want more details? Check out the landing page!

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  1. Finally, my most anticipated game from MG in years.

    • Meh. I cant stand another School Romance story… once you have played at least 2 of those, then you have played them all.
      Games from that genre are all the same and will bore you out eventually.

      I am hoping MG will SOON finish translations of Hapymaher, Maggot Baits and Sorcery Jokers.

  2. Why no Nitta Emi voice?

  3. I just wanted to say thanks to MangaGamer, Kouryuu, and all others involved that made this English release possible. I know this was a massive undertaking, especially for Kouryuu, but I’m really looking forward to experiencing the conclusion to my favorite VN series. So once again, thanks for bringing this over here MangaGamer!

  4. Does anyone have problem with the video’s audio? Somehow the video plays for me in game but there’s no audio coming out.

    • If you send an email to our customer support, one of our representatives would be more than happy to help you out with that!

  5. I am having trouble with the download… Not only is the downloadspeed very poor (50 kb/s with an 30 Mbit connection.), the download keeps getting stuck with no option to resume… I already tried Firefox and Chrome with disabled firewall but still no luck.

  6. Any plans for a Da Capo bundle? Seeing so many people hyped about the release of this game has got me interest in getting into the series. But I currently don’t own any of the Da Capo games and buying them all individually is a bit steep.

    A discounted bundle with the 3 main titles would definitively take me over the edge, and I imagine I’m not the only one on the fence about getting into this series which would be swayed by a bundle.

  7. Please translate Da Capo III Platinum Partner as well. I feel that Da Capo III story is not complete without the sequel being translated.

  8. Hope we get a physical release like the first 2 soon.

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