Supipara Avatars & HD Backgrounds!

To celebrate the release, we have a special treat for all you Supipara fans out there: avatars and HD backgrounds!

Avatars (400×400)




Momiji & Rikka



Backgrounds (1920×1080)

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  1. Thank you! ^_^

  2. Will be taking the HD background images. Sakura and Alice = Best girls.

    *throws money into offertory box* “May we reach the next goal of $350k.”

    …..the lone miko smiles.

    *Inside forest of blossoming cherry trees* “I wish to make a deal.”

    ……unable to hide her smile under the light of the moon, a girl in the guise of a witch, with the petals of the blossoming cherry trees fluttering about her, happily taking a step forward, she clasps her hands together and says………….

  3. Can people guess which wallpaper I am picking up?

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