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Today, we have a translator’s corner from TBAC!

Hey everyone! It’s TBAC, back with another Translator’s Corner! This time, we’ll be talking about Bitter Exclusion. This is the second game I’ve translated for MangaGamer. I figured this would be a good opportunity to go over the basics of the game, the characters, and why we chose the name!

So, what is Bitter Exclusion? The simplest way of describing it would be an NTR nukige, and while it’s most certainly a nukige, I think it would be unfair to brush it off as an NTR. For one, the situation in this title is different than your typical girlfriend/wife stealing romp. Our protagonist, Shouhei, simply has a crush on one of the heroines. However, she, as well as the rest of the class, despises him. They take great pleasure in having orgies behind his back, knowing that he’s the only one being left out. The second reason is that the entire game is in third person, which allows the player to feel like an observer, rather than a participant. I think these reasons will allow people who aren’t typically NTR fans to enjoy Bitter Exclusion, and I certainly hope you’ll try it out for yourself before brushing it off due to its genre!

Featuring group sex from start to finish!

On to our heroines. First up is Aoi Nonohara, our blue-haired, small-breasted closet pervert who Shouhei has a crush on. They’ve known each other since they were little, but he’s never exactly had a conversation with her. Aoi is well aware of how he feels about her, and nothing could disgust her more. At first, she’s reluctant to go along with the orgies, but how will her feelings change as the game progresses…?

She certainly seems to be enjoying herself…

Next up, we have Kaho Izumi: resident titty monster, sex addict, and the very girl who instigated all of the sexy fun times. If you don’t fall in love with her for her pink hair and massive melons, then her personality will win you over. Ryechu and I had a ton of fun writing her lines (and we’d love to hear what you think about the way we wrote her). It’s rare, even in nukige, to get a heroine who really truly loves sex, but that’s Kaho’s favorite pastime and part of what makes her such a great character.

How could you say no to this?

Accompanying our two heroines are a bunch of unnamed male classmates, who all end up putting their cocks to good use, as well as Shouhei, our protagonist, and Genta, his best friend. Shouhei and Genta are your typical nerdy perverts, with the bonus of Shouhei having a personality even his mom couldn’t love. I don’t want to spoil too much, but early on, Genta is given the choice of staying loyal to Shouhei, or joining Aoi and Kaho in their orgies. Will he go with his heart, or his dick…?

Before I close, I’ll just go over why we chose the name Bitter Exclusion. If you hadn’t noticed, all of our Ammolite localizations have the word “Sweet” in the title. We wanted to keep up this trend, but of all the words we could use to describe this game, I don’t think “sweet” is one of them. Fortunately, the word “bitter” works perfectly! The original of the second half of the name is much more straightforward. The game’s Japanese title is “Haburare.”, which, literally translated, means “to be excluded!”

And there you have it! Bitter Exclusion may have been the first game Ammolite published, but it’s one of my favorite nukige of all time, with a large variety of scenes (if you wanted more 3P stuff after Sweet Switch, here it is), three bad endings and a, well, less bad ending! I was actually desperate to translate this game, so I’d like to give a massive thanks to MangaGamer for letting me! And again, I couldn’t have done this without Ryechu, who’s the best porn editor anyone could ask for. As usual, if you have any nukige suggestions, feel free to hit me up on Twitter @TBAC_ or email MangaGamer directly at!

Thanks for reading, and I hope you all enjoy the game!

Bitter Exclusion is now available on for $14.95!

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  1. Wow you actually succeeded is making this sound like even more garbage then it is kudos to you I for one absolutely won’t play this garbage I’ll stick to beautiful vanilla

  2. I’m confused it’s NTR but it’s shown from a third person perspective and the heroines don’t even like the protagonist… Then you have a bunch of random unnamed male characters which makes the theme seem more about perverts boasting… If the best friend takes one or both of the heroine/heroines and shows the protagonist or talks to the protagonist about it then I guess that’d count. However if it’s shown or told in a third person perspective that’d give the scene less of an impact.

  3. Hmm… Your explanation makes it sound a bit better than I expected from the original description, especially with the protagonist’s personality being what you said. Still, exclusion like that does in a way actually feel worse than NTR.

  4. Cishet dudes getting angry and insecure over NTR is my fetish.

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