Funbag Fantasy: Sideboob Story 2 — On Sale Now!

Waffle’s Funbag Fantasy Sideboob Story 2 is now available on! Steam customers can purchase their copy later today!

This is the next chapter of Funbag Fantasy, the continuing saga of Lute!

The story begins in the Kingdom of Hillsland five years after the events of Funbag Fantasy Sideboob Story. A naked man who has no memories finds himself stranded near a harbor. The man, Mask, while oblivious to his nakedness, speaks to a passing woman and gets arrested, therefore. Soldiers take him to Molgrey castle where Mask offends the castellan and is consequently thrown into the Zorro prison.

But Zorro island is a base of smuggling activities. For witnessing the unlawful secret, Mask is sent on a suicidal mission to Boobshire. He is ordered to kill the monster who has already killed many bounty hunters that ventured to exterminate it. Can Mask defeat the monster or will he perish like the others?

Features & Specs

  • Developer: WAFFLE
  • OS: Windows Vista and up
  • Voice: Partial
  • Rating: Adult, uncensored
  • Genre: Fantasy
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  1. Here’s hoping this includes the pregnant end bonus that was added post release in the original Japanese version.

  2. which kyonyuu game will be localized next?

  3. Love this series. I really, REALLY hope that the expanded/enhanced version of Funbag Fantasy 2 (Specifically, Kyonyuu Fantasy 2 IF edition, as its known in Japan) get translated and localized since that has more story, extra h-scenes and two hot new girls for Ruin to get with. Is there a chance that could happen?

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