Eternal Torment — Translator’s Corner Vol. 2

Today on the blog, the translator provides some insight into the h-scenes you will find in our upcoming Liquid release Eternal Torment!

Contrary to what you might expect, Eternal Torment has consensual scenes too. Not many, but they’re there. The protagonist does like sex if only people didn’t treat her so badly most of the time. Below is a pie chart by consent.

A lot of gang rape, with some tentacles thrown in and a few stray body modification scenes. The violent scenes span the whole range from punching to snuff, but those are rare: guro scenes exist, but only a handful. If you’re looking for another Maggot Baits, then it will fall flat for you. These are more for the… vanilla rape crowd. Or something. There aren’t even that many tentacles.

The protagonist doesn’t account for all scenes, only about two-thirds of them. Her friends cover the rest.

Eternal Torment launches exclusively on on October 1st! Pre-order today to save 10%!

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  1. I really liked this blog post with the breakdown of scenes. Very intuitive. Looking forward to the game

  2. doe sthat mean if there is a gangbang and anal in the same scene it will be counted twice?

  3. I like that this one has a graph so i can easily see if this is a game for me ty.
    Would like see this kind of information on future games as well very helpful.

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