Namaiki Dark Elf Sisters: All About Dark Elves

Today we are taking a deep dive into the history and nature of dark elves!

Once upon a time invaders appeared on the elven land. In the face of the fierce enemy, some of the defenders routed. But such a cowardly act was not overlooked by their gods. Thus, the forsaken elves became the dark elves.

As the new race had no place to call home, they had to search for unclaimed territory. Naturally, the only free lands were barren, but since beggars can’t be choosers, the dark elves strove to build a new home where they could. And many centuries later, thanks to their efforts and the help of their new god, the dark elves have a stable nation led by the dark elven council.

However, the dark elves have a weakness. Conceiving offspring is an arduous task for them. Therefore, even despite the dark elves’ lifespans, which count in hundreds of years, most families have only one or two children. And sometimes couples grow tired of sex even before they make any babies. However, there are secret techniques that make their bodies more fertile. The reason why that knowledge is not shared widely is because in the dark elven society, having more offspring is an advantage that helps to make one’s family gain influence, as can be seen in the composition of the dark elven council where the most powerful groups represent the largest dynasties.

Due to their history, many dark elves are haughty and chauvinistic. Their relations with their old siblings, high elves, are especially bad. But it is those of mixed blood who suffer the most, such as the protagonist of this game, Ober. He is an illegitimate child of the head of a prominent dark elven dynasty and a human maid. His sisters, who are pure dark elves, consider Ober inferior even though the latter sincerely loves them.

Diano, the older sister, is a beautiful and smart lady, versed in magic arts. But she is especially hostile to humans, whom she considers crafty and cunning. And her prejudice applies to Ober as well because he is half-human. Sheila, the second sister, takes pride in her physical strength. She sees those who are weaker than her inferior, and Ober is particularly weak. Supra, the youngest sister, is too occupied with her career as a dark elven idol to pay any attention to Ober.

Therefore, it is now up to Ober to break the wall of prejudice and ignorance that his sisters built, and convey his true love even if it means using unconventional methods.

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