Notice: Emergency System Maintenance

[EDIT] This issue has been resolved. Support will be following up with inquires from the past several days as soon as they are able. Thank you for your patience.

Starting yesterday, we identified a critical issue affecting our internal e-mail and notification system. Affected systems include user registration (activation e-mails), password resets, receipts, and support e-mail forms——in short, any e-mail notifications the website automatically sends.

Until this issue is resolved, new user registrations, password resets, and our support e-mail will not be functional. The systems for these functions may appear functional while we work on this issue, but no e-mails will be received.

The issue was identified to have begun on 2023-11-09 18:23:39 JST, meaning any usage of these features since that time frame will not be functional. We are dedicating all of our internal resources towards fixing this issue as soon as possible, and will update once it’s been resolved or we have a definite estimate time to completion.

Thank you to all the customers who contacted us about this issue. If anyone needs help resetting their password, accessing their account, or a receipt please e-mail us at while maintenance is underway.

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