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    Sexy Demon Transformation: Abe Asuka


    Today we’re here to introduce Abe Asuka, the first hot girl you’ll be knocking up in Sexy Demon Transformation!

    Asuka is the childhood friend whom you’ve known for years, and the two of you share a secret together: you’re both exorcists who purge demons from the land on behalf of the Exorcist Association. But right before you could expel the final demon in your competition to determine who would become the new Boss, Asuka’s technique blinded you, and she stole the glory plus leadership of the exorcists! This means it’s time for revenge, and you form a pact with the demon Nurarihyon to plot all kinds of ways to stick it to her!


    While she’s strict as an exorcist, purging any and all demons she finds regardless of their strength or intent, as a regular school girl she’s honest and caring. She always comes to wake Yamato up in the morning, and usually does a lot to take care of him from day to day, though she sometimes nags. Even though she can’t say so to Yamato, she loves him dearly and longs for the day she can offer her body to him.


    Abe Asuka is voiced by Ooba Jun, a VA with over 180 different titles to her name. Some of her roles include Sofie from Harem Party, Kouno Harumi from To Heart 2, and Nanao Nana from Super Secret Sexy Spy. She’s also voiced Izumi Ako from Negima, and Cattleya from Zero no Tsukaima.

    10 Responses to “Sexy Demon Transformation: Abe Asuka”

    1. You know with the first paragraph and game CG you’re showing, I’m still finding it hard to believe this is supposed to be a comedy and not your standard rape via magic nukige

      • I’m imagining it’s like, girls get raped, but instead of being scared or mind broken, they’re like “whoa what the fuck was that?…that kind of felt good.”

        It’s probably still going to be cliche as fuck, and obviously the protagonist has to be villainous (I mean it comes part and parcel with being a rapist), but it’s probably gonna be like, girls with comedic personalities get raped in improbable, silly ways, and don’t really mind it all too much.

        • I’m imagining it’s like, girls get raped, but instead of being scared or mind broken, they’re like “whoa what the fuck was that?…that kind of felt good.”

          You pretty much nailed it.

        • Don’t forget the “Oh, that was actually ? Well, heck, let’s do that again then!”

        • Oh, that’s make a lot of sense.
          I’m not a big fan of this kind of scenario, because it’s unbelievably stupid, unrealistic and sexist. However, it’s still better than a rape where the girl screams, cries and tries to escape desperately (although that would be more realistic).

        • In other words this is going to be more Jewel Knights Crusaders than Rance…Oh this is going to make my brain hurt when I play it…

    2. ………sofie from harem party………..rethinking picking it up sofie’s voice from harem party was worst than nails on a black board

      • It’s the same voice actress, but quite a different sounding voice. If you go here, you can click for samples of how she sounds in Sexy Demon Transformation.

        • Thanks godness. When i red that he has sofie’s voiceactress i got a bad feeling. But thanks to you that feeling get a way…most of it at least.

        • thank you god if i had to hear 1 more min of sofie think my iq would go down 10 points

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