DC II: Kosaka Mayuki

And in the blue corner we have the retired glory of Kazami Academy’s track team, Kousaka Mayuki!


Mayuki is the vice-president of the student council and Asakura Otome‘s second-in-command.  She is tough, she is authoritative, and for the students of Kazami Academy, she is the physical manifestation of the law.  Being Otome’s right-hand, she is often seen patrolling the halls with Otome and makes a point to put her back in-check, should Otome have an ‘Otouto-kun moment.’  Due to her closeness with Otome, she’s also well acquainted with Yoshiyuki and will often tease him over their seemingly brother/sister relationship.  While Otome is certainly used to Mayuki’s presence, Yoshiyuki still finds Mayuki to be a little intimidating.

Mayuki is voiced by Misaki Rina, a ‘predominately’ visual novel voice actress.  She can be heard providing the voice of Ignis in Nitroplus’s Jingai Makyou and Kuonji Shinra in Kimi ga Aruji de Shitsuji ga Ore de (They are my Noble Masters), with the occasional anime side-project.  When she’s not busy moonlighting as the “Manipulator of Objects” she can be heard in A Certain J.C. Staff anime franchise as the nodachi wielding, former leader of the Amakusa Church.

Did I mention she once part-timed as the legendary Crimson Vermilion Petanko in the inauspicious anime-that-does-not-exist?  Hardly a small talent by any regard.

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  1. Mayuki is a chimp.

  2. Most different,adore her ^^

  3. her and suginami would make the best couple.

  4. Okay, having played some of Da Capo 2, I really hope we get the Plus Communication version since I’m kind of curious how Mayuki’s route would be.

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