Christmas Giveaway!

This year, we’re happy to be giving 2 lucky winners a grand Christmas present of Da Capo 2! See below for details.

To enter the contest, simply go to either our twitter account or our facebook page and help spread the word!

  • On twitter, just find our tweet about the contest, retweet it to all your followers, and make sure to follow us back.
  • On facebook, just find our wall post about the contest, leave a comment in the post on our page, share it with your friends, and make sure to like the page.

It’s that simple! We will be selecting and contacting 1 winner from each network on December 23, so make sure you enter before then for your chance to win!

—December 2—

!!Update: Due to the great response we’ve had, we’re taking this one step even further! Instead of just one winner on twitter, we’ll be giving a copy away to one winner for every 500 followers! That means that if we break 1,000 followers, there will be two winners on twitter! 1,500 followers will mean three! And 2,000 will mean four! So keep spreading the news! The more who enter, the more who have a chance to win!!

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  1. Oh hey, a giveaway that I might actually have chance of winning. Oh wait, it’s just more Da Crapo.

  2. Now that’s getting your fans to bat for you.

  3. I’m all for the Moeges and I’m really looking forward to Da Capo 2! =D And I’d love to enter the contest, if it weren’t for the fact that I’m a closet-otaku. >_< Sharing that on Facebook would cause quite a stir where I live, unfortunately. =/

  4. hmm may aswell try, nothing to lose xD

  5. Nintendo Maniac 64

    I have no twitter followers and I refuse to touch facebook with a 10 meter pole.

    Does this mean I cannot enter the contest? 🙁

  6. I hope this “great response” doesn’t reflect a sudden rise in new accounts originating from a handful of IPs…

    • Actually, I believe last year they held a Christmas promotion for a free copy of Snow Sakura if you bought a certain amount of their games. It’s not uncommon to hold seasonal promotions~

    • Iv played quite a lot of JAST releases, granted some of them were bad they still have there good releases and bad releases just like mangagamer.

  7. The scornful looks of all my friends Isn’t worth a free Da Capo 2 sorry.

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