MangaGamer's Getting Hard!

"Look kid, I kno' yoh excited, but you gotta keep yoh drawahs on."

HARD COPIES THAT IS! Click below for more info and answers to some questions.

You asked for it, we sent out our call, and now together with Hendane, we are bringing you Hard Copies! In following with the Season of Da Capo, our first hard copy release will be a Limited Edition of Da Capo, complete with the original soundtrack and a 24-page art-book! Enjoy some of these pretty pictures before we move onto the questions:


Artbook Cover

Game Back Cover

Game Cover

OST Cover

1. Will Da Capo be the only game to receive a hard copy or will other games move to hard copy as well?
Hopefully, Da Capo will not be the only one. Assuming response continues to be as good as it has been, then this will merely be the beginning of a new production line for hard copies.

2. How will this new production line affect your current localization schedule?
It won’t. Our localization schedule will remain the same, and our games will be released on our website for download prior to any hard-copy release. In fact, if  hard copies do well enough, that will open up the path for us to commence work on many of the other titles you all have been asking for.

3. If the line continues, will other games see Limited Edition releases? Will all hard-copy releases get one? What will you do if the Limited Edition sells out?
Yes, there will be more games which see a limited edition release should the production line of hard copies continue, but no, not all of our games will see one. As for which games are more likely to see a Limited Edition release, the answer is partly determined by whether or not the Japanese release had one. Games like Shuffle! and ef which previously had limited edition releases in Japan are more likely to see a limited edition release in English than titles such as Cosplay Alien or Guilty ~ The SiN~ which did not.

If the Limited Edition of a game sells out, that will be it for the Limited Edition. We will NOT be reprinting Limited Editions, so make sure to get your copy early or you may never be able to get a hold of the Limited Edition extras. However, if it does sell out we will likely do a run of Regular Edition hard-copies for the game. The Regular Edition would be a hard copy of the game alone, and would not include any of the extras. (The Regular Edition would be offered at a lower price than the Limited Edition).

4. Wait, if you’re not reprinting the Limited Editions, then how limited are we talking about?
To quote a certain otaku from Genshiken: “Buy now, take it out of your living expenses later.”

5. If they’re that limited, will you at least be taking pre-orders?!
Yes, Hendane will be accepting pre-orders for the Limited Editions on their website. We will also announce when the pre-orders are open so you can be sure to reserve your copy early.

6. Hold on, you just mentioned Shuffle! Will Shuffle be getting one too?
Possibly. We have discussed the prospect with Navel, but currently there are no plans at this point in time. We suspect Navel wants to judge how well this initial run of Limited Editions plays out before committing the materials needed to do a similar Limited Edition run for Shuffle! In short, if you want to see one, then show that you support Limited Edition print runs.

7. Doesn’t Hendane operate primarily in North America? What about customers in Europe?
Yes, Hendane operates primarily in North America, and will be distributing primarily to North American vendors. Hendane does also offer shipping to select countries in Europe as well as Australia through their website, the details of which are under their shipping policies page. However, we at MangaGamer are setting aside a few hundred additional copies specifically for sale in Europe and are already investigating ways to distribute them to fans in Europe. When we have more details about how the copies will be made available to customers in Europe, we will let you know again.

8. Will all of the games offered on your catalog receive a hard copy? Will Koihime Musou?
No, not every game will receive a hard copy edition. We will be working together closely with Hendane to determine which titles receive a hard-copy, and we’re making sure to be careful that we release titles both parties can agree on. There are no plans for a hard-copy release of Koihime Musou at this point in time as Hendane currently lacks interest due to the content and the voice issue. Perhaps if they see enough demand for it from customers at this year’s round of conventions they may change their mind?

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  1. Hell yes. Now if only I had some money…

  2. Hendane’s website is down…

  3. i hope koihime muso gets one
    as well as
    Guilty TheSiN
    Which girl should I choose?

    • “Games like Shuffle! and ef which previously had limited edition releases in Japan are more likely to see a limited edition release in English than titles such as Cosplay Alien or Guilty ~ The SiN~ which did not.”

      • Just because there’s no limited edition for a game doesn’t mean it won’t get a hard copy. It just means we’d go direct to a standard release (disc in standard case.)

  4. So is the Season of Da Capo still on or is this it until the next season?

  5. As and when you start releasing hard copies in Europe/UK, fancy telling me first so I can bag one of those limited editions you’re keeping back?! 😉

    • “Yes, Hendane operates primarily in North America, and will be distributing primarily to North American vendors. Hendane does also offer shipping to select countries in Europe as well as Australia through their website, the details of which are under their shipping policies page.”

    • I’m sure you can make use of certain shipping companies who will ship your order if the site you’re ordering from does not deliver to your country.

  6. Awesome! ^_^ I prefer digital copies myself and will continue to use that service, but I’m happy for everyone else because I know a lot of people have been asking for hard copies. =)

  7. Not that interested in hard copies, but Limited Editions are a different story altogether. 😀

  8. f*ck yeah ! can’t wait for releases in Europe =D

  9. weeee, hopefully this does well so more can be offered.

  10. big news !!! dream to come true !
    /me : hendane is cool but i will wait euro copies…err i need to find some funds >_<

  11. No words can express how happy I am at the moment.

    I will be watching for when these pre-orders open like a hawk. I shall not sleep, and I shall not blink.

  12. While this is an extremely exciting news, it’s a shame I’m not really interested in Da Capo. However will be eagerly awaiting other hard releases.

  13. Great news, I’am all for fysics when it comes to games that are as long and “deep” as Da Capo and EF.

    I will 100% buy a copy(if not two) of this and any future realeses of the high qualty games—>EF, Shuffle!!

    Now guys, go spread this on the boards.
    /C U

  14. I’ve been waiting for this…! I wasn’t expecting the Limited Edition treatment, so way to clear the highbar, guys!

    I’m hoping to see this trend continue for all of MangaGamer’s story-centric titles – I’ve already set aside a significant amount of cash for Suika, Kira Kira (Uncut) + Curtain Call, Shuffle, Soul Link, Edelweiss + Eiden Fantasia, and Hinatabokko (I can’t say I’m enthused about any of the sex romps, to be honest). I’m especially looking forward to Suika and an uncut Kira Kira since I absolutely loved the demos.

    The moment Hendane has LEs of any of the above titles ready for preorder is the moment I start going on a MangaGamer shopping spree. My copies of Higurashi and Kira Kira (All-Ages) are looking awfully intimidated in my armoire, surrounded by all those hulking import boxes and fiercely outnumbered by JAST & Hirameki cases…

  15. Who wants games from Hendane if the now limit for Eur is 22€ (
    Game 55$ + 20€ (shipping) + 50€ or more (in tax) = So expensive.

    I hope for european release

    • Actually shipping is a flat rate of 4$ for international customers at Hendane. However I have no idea about taxes as I have never bought something so expensive from a non-EU country.

      • UPS normally deliver with that costs :(, but if Hendane shipping it’s cheaper then better.

        But the import taxes since 2010 are abusives. My last shipping from PlayAsia was Macross Frontier Hybrid Pack (62€) with 47€ in taxes.

        • Wha, that’s horrible! A 75% tax!?

          Man, I hate living in The Netherlands now… I knew there was an import tax, but I don’t remember it being this high…

          I wish there will be other options for us European fans soon.

          (Then again, I guess I don’t mind much sticking with digital copies)

          • Thank you for pointing out the tax. I was going to buy a copy from Hendane, but not anymore. Then again, since MangaGamer is based in the EU, there won’t be such horrible taxes imposed on it for EU customers.
            In short, if you live in the EU, buy directly from MangaGamer or be prepared to pay customs tax and import VAT.

  16. KYAAAAAH! Bookmark! Bookmark! Bookmark Hendane!! Seems my online shopping sites has increased by one.

    I myself never really mind, but if there are physical copies I wouldn’t mind buying them. Even though I wasn’t interested in Da Capo after playing the trial, I wouldn’t mind buying a physical copy of it and to note a limited edition at that.
    Would be awesome if Edelweiss gets one with the release of its new translation, since the trial did won my interest.

    Hope everyone who’s been asking for hard ons keep their word and increase the chance of other titles getting hard as well, especially Suika, Soul Link, Shuffle!, Da Capo 2, Edelweiss, and the upcoming Ef, and later possibly even Koihime if it does well(which I hope it does).

    Seems this year things are changing for me and mah hobby. Even Hyperdimension *MOE* Neptunia(Neptune) is seeing an english release coming Feb. MOE! MOE! MOE!

  17. MUST PREORDER….Besides, when it’ll make up for the fact that when I was underaged, I pirated da capo and never finished it (only did Nemu, the red-head and Moe’s sister ‘s route)

  18. Awesome news.
    I won’t be going for Da Capo personally but if this paves the way for other stuff like ef and more OVERDRIVE games, I’ll be all over it!

  19. So are you going to be printing more Higurashi hard copies or not? I didn’t have the spare cash for them when they were around last time and they’re sold out everywhere now.

  20. I don’t have an interest in rebuying games I already have, but I’ll definitely be looking into hard copies for any titles I’m interested in in the future.

    I think this is a great move forward for Mangagamer. But I have a concern. Does this partnership with Hendane exclude other online retailers from carrying your products? For example, having JAST/J-List stock your games would be a great marketing move that would expose your products to a larger audience. Really, you want as many different retailers as possible carrying your games. The more places carrying them, the more exposure they get.

  21. RightStuf would be another retailer you’d really want carrying your games.

  22. Hen desu yo! (Sorry, couldn’t help myself)

  23. Living in the UK and enjoying not living in Prison I’ll stick to the soft versions (also I only just got rid of 200 anime dvds I didn’t want anymore and have no interest in increasing my collection of dust collectors olol)

  24. That’s good news for every visual novel lover.

    I just hope you don’t stop with just this one. Also, was it just a hoax that Manga Gamer would start to work with Type-Moon’s novels?

    I would really love to see an official release. Besides, Mirrormoon should be hired for this. They are masters when you talk about understanding Nasu’s work.

    • Those hints they were dropping were actually for Frontwing and that was for who their next other accompanying guest at a con besides age would be. I think in an interview someone worling for MG mentioned talking to Typemoon but there was currently no interest on thier side since they don’t know how well their games would do. Hopefully all this will be the right step into convincing them, especially if it means we’ll be getting the Tsukihime remake whenever it comes out.

  25. I don’t think this has been mentioned?

    It would be nice to have a discount program or something for those who purchase the digital copy first (since it comes out digital first), or vice-versa [well, if it’s purchased through Hendane! or something].
    …could increase sales, for collector types.

    • Now why would they do that? Companies rarely if ever provide a discount for an “new improved” SKU. When you buy a new TV or a new computer, do you go crying to the manufacturer that the new model is only slightly better, and therefore you should get a discount? MG has no obligation to discount digital buyers, especially since the digital copy is already less expensive than the hardcopy.

      • Well… seeing that I paid :
        € 49.95 = something like 68 US$ for Da Capo the first time, although I would *much* rather have a hardcopy (especially a limited edition!)… spending another 55$ plus shipping? is a bit hefty…

        Mind you, thanks to the new lower prices for all games, this isn’t as much of an issue; but still double-dipping is not tempting without money to burn…

        I guess I’ll just have to wait for games to go boxed.

  26. My drawahs are most definitely down for this announcement!
    Thank you!

  27. finally, hard copies. You have my support! I look forward to hard copies, hopefully Koihime Musou 🙁

  28. Do you guys (from Hendane or MG) ship to Asian countries? Seriously… it’s so depressing that I can’t get a single physical copy of an eroge… But this news cheered me up… Now if you guys can only ship to my country, I will be the happiest guy in our country! XD

  29. Mehhh i was like Yahoo hardcopies and the NA only at the Moment …. Great so more waiting for us European ;(

  30. This better be a success, with all the people i have seen requesting physical copies.

    Personally i am a fan of digital copies, but even to me, those limited editions sound very tempting, and i would love to have one of those standing on my shelf. But actually putting the disc in, and installing the game is just a pain in the ass.

    So i was wondering if those who buy physical copies will get a key so they can download the digital version as well?

    • so updating software, reformatting your computer, is not pain in the ass? no offense here but../hahaha

      • And how does this has anything to do with what i said?

        well i just woke up, maybe i’ll understand in a few hours..

        • Reformatting – putting the disc in, doing installations.

          Updating – well, this is an bad example.

          and, you like the limited edition but you don’t like putting disc in. Is this a contradiction?

          • Your examples are the lamest examples I have ever heard. I reformat my computer once every couple of years, if that, and software updates are automatic for most of my software. A digital copy of the game takes no physical space, can’t get scratched, and is just a click away.

            Where as looking after a disk, having somewhere to keep it, making sure it’s where I expect it to be, having to explain it to people that visit my house, having to hide it when freinds families come around, it generally taking up physical space.

  31. That’s awesome news! I mean, personally I prefer digital downloads, but I know lots of people have been clamouring for more hard copies, so I’m very chuffed on MangaGamer’s behalf.

    Now, if Koihime Musou comes out on its new release date, and hits the voice threshold before too long after that, I’ll be over the moon ^.^

  32. after the limited edition, will we see standard editions after? or this depends on the sales of the limited editions?

  33. This is wonderful news to me. This may be my first (ok, technically second) purchase from MangaGamer since I can finally get DRM-free games.

    I hope you reprint hard copies of Higurashi soon too, though!

  34. To answer a couple questions posted here:

    1) Shipping to Asia? – Depending on which countries, we will certainly consider that. Now for the sake of respecting the censorship laws in Japan, we will not allow for shipment there at all. Chances are, no one will rage too much over this. Depending on the country, there is certainly issues with the reliability of the postal service there, censorship and so forth so it will have to be on a case by case basis.

    2) Europe-specific Release? – This will largely depend on a retailer within the Eurozone to step up to the plate. You can certainly order it from us, but duties, VAT etc. are all for you to deal with. Sorry. :<

    Good to hear all the enthusiasm for this release. We are looking forward to this just as much and when we are ready to set up preorders and such we will let everyone know!

  35. So Manga Gamer has finally addressed the three main issues people had with them.

    1)Low quality translations
    2)Over-priced for said translations
    3)No hard copies

    Tsh, if you’re going to release a nice game, nicely packaged with extras thrown in then, I guess I sat on the fence long enough. Put me down for one of those. I won’t buy your standard editions, but I will go for the limited editions.

  36. This is a wonderful news. Now I just have to hope for Mangagamer to release hard copies to Europe, It tend to be quite bothersome to import these kind of products (to many online retailers don’t send these toward Europe) plus there is alway those **** taxes if it get controled by customs officers…

  37. @ Matt_D

    having to hide it? what is to there hide when you buy it?

    i’m not going to go through yet again the whole DRM vs Physical copy thing, its a pain in the ass. I’m going to stick to physical copies.

    If you give out the excuse of scratch, can’t find the disc etc, it’s your fault, not the disc. You bought it, than you should of take care of it.

    By then, nobody would look at it this way, let’s just call it off at this point.

  38. What will the casing be like? Will it be a standard dvd case with the extras on the side or will it be a thick packaging like how Japanese eroge are published?

  39. With the art book included, I’m going to assume its going to be like how the Japanese games are released. Either that or the art book is going to be tiny in terms of area size and wafer thin.
    Although, this doesn’t concern me I have to ask out of curiosity. Will people who bought the digital download version get a discount for a physical version? Seems a shame they’ll have to pay twice if they want the hard copy. As I said, it doesn’t concern me since I’ve been waiting all this time for something like this.

  40. Any chance of getting TRSI to carry them?

  41. hey this is awsome news, too bad I allready bought Da Capo, hopefully more of their games will get the treatment. I perefer to own a phyisical copy of something

  42. Hard copies *¬*

  43. Kouryuu, I don’t know what you guys have planned but are you guys going to tell us when pre orders are up? Or tell us that pre orders will be up soon. I hope you at least tell us a day in advance that way we could make time for it rather then checking the site every hour >_>. I know I definitely don’t want to miss my pre order for a lovely Da Capo Limited Edition hard copy.

  44. Just preordered my copy. cant wait for it to ship

  45. Any chance of Higurashi on disk?

    My biggest worry about buying a download is that while having to activate is not as bad as some DRM, it still means that if the company goes the way of Himeya or Hirameki, the game I bought will become instantly worthless. Yeah, Valve has Steam, but there’s no realistic chance of Valve going under, and in a niche market that’s a lot more likely.

    • Not instantly worthless. Once activated, the games should run without any further reference to MangaGamer. I just verified that Koihime Musou will run without an internet connection at all. On the other hand, you would lose the ability to transfer to a new platform. (I don’t have Higurashi, so I’m not certain that it uses the same DRM scheme.)

      • I have found it in the FAQs.

        d.The activation expires if:
        ◦OS is re-installed
        ◦any file which is related to the game is deleted
        ◦any file which is related to the game is moved
        ◦the hardware configuration is changed

        So you could be stuck with choice of maintaining a stale system, or losing the game, if MangaGamer should cease operation.

        • In my own experience, the DRM is quite lenient when it comes to hardware changes. Since I’ve installed Shuffle, Da Capo, and Suika, I’ve had to replace every component in my computer except the RAM. At one point, the HD that the games were on (my C drive), was failing and I replaced with a larger drive. The old was cloned on the new one and still the games didn’t require me to re-input the key.

          The only time I had any problems was when my motherboard burned out and I had to get a new one, same series, but an updated model that required a different driver. I had to re-enter the key for Suika and none of the others.

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