Announcing Kotori Love ExP!

We at MangaGamer are proud to announce that we will be releasing Kotori Love ExP, THE game to own for any Kotori or Da Capo fan! It features Kotori Love, a compilation of all Kotori’s moments from throughout the entire breadth of the Da Capo series, Kotori Extasy, the tale of Da Capo Innocent Finale with added scenes and moments for the rest of the cast, and Kotori Plus, an all-new tale of Jun’ichi’s post-marriage life with Kotori.
Kotori Love
Da Capo Plus Communication
On Hatsune Island, the cherry blossom trees remain in bloom all year round. One day, Asakura Jun’ichi, who has the power to create Japanese sweets out of his hand and to see other people’s dream against his will, is lured by a beautiful singing voice in the park that leads him to Shirakawa Kotori. She is like an idol at Kazami Academy, which Jun’ichi also attends, and spurred on by their chance encounter, they quickly become good friends. Kotori is cute, a good singer, kind to everyone, and the number one girl that the guys want as a girl friend. How will Jun’ichi’s school life change, with such a popular girl at his side?  And what is the secret of the everlasting cherry blossom tree, not to mention the secret that Kotori keeps from everybody, including you…?

Da Capo White Season
It’s Kotori and Jun’ichi’s first winter together.  They relationship is going well, and they pay a visit to their ex-teacher, Kotori’s older sister Koyomi in the hospital. After seeing Koyomi’s maternal manner with her newborn baby, the pair imagine what their future would be like. They begin discussing how they would raise their own child, but stemming from a slight difference in technique, they end up having a fight. Just when things are at their tensest, a lost girl called Hina appears in front of the pair. They stop fighting to look for her parents, but for some reason, Hina calls Kotori and Jun’ichi her mommy and daddy. Although confused, the duo continue to look for her parents, but…

Da Capo After Season
A year has passed since Kotori and Jun’ichi have started dating. As they discuss their plans for the upcoming spring break, they witness their friend Tomo-chan alone with a guy. Has she finally find a boyfriend as well!? She’s never told them about anything like that, but Kotori decides to train Tomo-chan by sending her on a mock date with Jun’ichi. While Tomo-chan accepts the proposal and they all go to the amusement park together, Kotori gradually starts feeling irritated as the day goes on…

Circus Disk Christmas Days

Kotori and Jun’ichi’s second Christmas together. Kotori has been looking forward to Christmas this year, but no matter what she tells him, Jun’ichi has been absent minded and absent in general for the past few days – It doesn’t look like he’s interested in Christmas at all. Kotori is worried that he’s lost interest in her, and she asks her friends for advice. Meanwhile, Jun’ichi has been secretly making numerous preparations to ensure this is Kotori’s best Christmas ever. However, Suginami seems to have something unfortunate lurking up his sleeve for the couple… Will the two of them be able to greet Christmas safely?

Kotori Extasy
Da Capo IF (Innocent Finale)
An alternative path to Kotori and Jun’ichi’s relationship. Kotori and Jun’ichi already knew how they felt about each other. However, the moment Kotori tried to announce her love to Jun’ichi at the school beauty pageant, Nemu collapsed in the audience. Since Nemu was physically frail from the start, her condition continued deteriorating to the point where Jun’ichi dropped out of school to care for her. When the everlasting cherry blossom tree dies, a dark cloud prevails over Kotori’s heart. Jun’ichi is able to poke through that cloud with his feeling towards her, but something terrible happens to Nemu.  As Jun’ichi struggles through tragedy, Kotori faces a family crisis of her own. What will happen to Kotori and Jun’ichi……?

Da Capo IF (Innocent Finale) EXTRA

Da Capo is full of memorable characters: Asakura Nemu, Shirakawa Kotori, Suginami, Mikkun, Tomo-chan, Kudou…  For all the characters who aren’t in the main storyline this time, their stories are here. Past memories, friendship, promises, and hidden feelings await as their stories are revealed by unlocking a secret path in Da Capo Innocent Finale. The door leading to the various stories of Da Capo now opens.

Kotori Plus
Kotori and Jun’ichi have finally gotten married.  The two of them are having a romantic life as newlyweds, but the question on everyone’s minds are when the pair are going to start having children. Kotori and Jun’ichi both want a child, but because they weren’t emotionally ready, they couldn’t tell each other that. Help arrives in the form of babysitting Koyomi’s daughter Chiaki and learning how raising a child really is, along with a few not-so-innocent prompts by their friends, Mikkun, Tomo-chan, and Miharu… As the pair remember Hina, Jun’ichi is being tempted to cheat with the promise of no strings attached, with a new girl. What kind of future awaits the couple?

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  1. More da capo…

  2. You better not be April Foolin’ me! Also I’m guessing this won’t be all-ages considering that rather…provocative first picture :O

  3. So this contains all of Innocent Finale, except with extra stuff?

  4. If this is an April Fool’s joke, expect a counter joke of this magnitude:

  5. April fool’s much. The secret to success is to believe nothing on April first from anyone or anywhere.

    • If memory serves, Key has been putting all of their major press releases out on April 1st the last few years…

  6. Hmmm, nothing on the vndb page for this about an English license:

  7. Now I want an Izumiko pencil topper…

  8. It probably is an April Fools joke considering that you can’t add the title to the shopping cart to pre-order.

  9. Aww. I kinda hope this is real. I love the Da Capo series.

  10. So, this is the combination of all the parts of the various fandiscs that contain Kotori? I’m sorry, but Da Capo is so massive that I am confused. Correct me if I am wrong anywhere in the following paragraph.

    First (in order of story?) there’s the original D.C., followed by Da Capo: Plus Communication. Next came Da Capo: White Season and Da Capo: Summer Vacation which combined into Da Capo: After Seasons. Afterwards, Circus Disk Christmas Days was released with a sequel, C.D.C.D.2. Finally, D.C. i.f. was released. Not counting the various ports that were just versions without the eroge and spinoff.

    Wouldn’t it be easier to release all the fandiscs together rather than split them up into the different leads? Well, at least we are getting a part of Plus Communication if this isn’t an April’s Fool prank. Will we need the original D.C. to run it?

    • Da Capo Plus Communication is the original Da Capo, but with added characters. Other than the added characters, it’s basically the same as Da Capo. Though the version of DCPC in Kotori Love ExP contains scenes from all the characters, only Kotori’s individual route can be pursued.

      CDCD2 is to Da Capo 2 what CDCD is to Da Capo (unless my memory is terribly mistaken since Circus’s page is currently on power-save mode and keeping me from checking).

      • CDCD2 has Koko/Nanaka and Nemu After. And something else not Da Capo-related.

        CDCD didn’t have as much Da Capo as it did other Circus series, so I don’t remember it as much. I’m pretty sure there was some Yume/Otome in it somewhere though.

        Anyway, I was hoping for something Da Capo that wasn’t centered on Kotori, since we already got DCIF, but then I remembered that there’s more Mikkun in this, so I approve.

        • Yup, checking VNDB…

          CDCD2’s other series are Eternal Fantasy and Home Maid.

          CDCD’s other series are AR ~Wasurerareta Natsu~, Saishuu Shiken Kujira, and Sukumizu 2 ~Oyo ge na i~. And I forgot to mention Kotori (and some Tomo/Mikkun) were in this too.

      • Hmm, does this mean that perhaps there’s a chance for the other routes and scenarios to be translated as well if this sells well? I mean with most of the base work done, it should be possible to do the rest… New to D.C., waiting to get my copy of the LE.

  11. April fools mangagamer? should try harder…

    either way if this is a real project, while i didnt like kotori much (not a bad character just had other / better choices) il defiantly pick this up.

  12. So whats the status of this?

    The ‘What’s Coming Down the Pipeline’ implies it might be in beta testing?

  13. i got tired of da capo after da capo 2 i’ma pass on this on

  14. Oh, this sounds like a great title. The date this is posted sort of worries me, though…

  15. if this is an april fools joke then this is cruel and unusual and i will hate you for it. If it is real then i will love you forever.

  16. If this isn’t serious it’s a real kick in the balls. >.<

  17. Glad you’re releasing this, but I’d rather see Shuffle Essence+ personally.

  18. It’s kind of cruel to announce this today of all days, huh? Damn, now I dunno if it’s real or not =/

  19. okay.. is this real or not dammit, the whole thing posted during april fool just screamed “LOL I GOT YOU”

    no seriously guys this is real yea? (though if this is an april fool from mangagamer, they sure took effort in doing so, mailing me, creating webpage,etc)

  20. I’d like to see D.C. Dream X’mas someday…

  21. Hey Tom what do you think of the possibility of this being true?

  22. nice always hated nemu and love redheads so killing 2 birds with one stone i just hope its true this and deardrops i be waiting for

  23. I’ve got to say, I’m not much of a Kotori fan (I preferred Nemu), but that preview video looked pretty awesome.

    I will be picking this one up.

  24. I’m still hesitant whether this is real lol.

    I’m not sure I will get this when it is released (price also a factor). I’m going to be pretty broke if my job search fails again.

    I’m not sure I am a Kotori fan because I don’t think I ever played her route in Da Capo. I think I bypassed it. I only got through a few routes before I got distracted by other games. I need to go back and play it. I probably like Kotori better than Sakura though.

    I will wait for more info on this as well as maybe a review by a non-biased party.

    if it is real though it makes me glad I didn’t pick up IF when it was released previously…hate re-buying things (although would easily by Essence shuffle…too bad Navel is so disappointed with Soul Link…maybe they should have given us the full version rather than the beta. It was also a different genre they should understand that sometimes certain genres just don’t work…I’m kinda iffy on whether Guilty did all that well for example).

    I also have a question about this game. Is the only route-able character Kotori or are there other girls and routes to follow?

    I will wait for more info before I decide on picking this up…if it real at all…being released on the first of april is still making me cautious.

  25. Very good,so I’m now waiting for Da Capo Xmas too ^^

  26. I don’t really like that this game is coming. I like Kotoro, more than i like Sakura, but i liked Nemu and Maku a lot more. I know she is popular, but one game abouth kotori like Da capo iF is fine, two is like squeeze here popularity too much without giving fans of other girls anything. If you want do bring an other game abouth Da capo i suggest to bring Circus disk, crismas days, Da capo plus comunication, after seasion, white seasion, summers vacation or Da capo 2 plus comunication so fans of others girls can enjoy it too. I may buy this game, but just because i liked Kotori too, but i would rather others girls.

  27. mako and moe > everyone else…people need to understand this…

    • People need to understand that some people are tired of Circus only releasing Da Capo games.

      ;_; Half of the buyers are being left behind..
      Then again Da Capo are pretty much the only decent games Circus has. Although I’m pretty interested in Infantaria!

      Also why did you guys even bother with that other Kotori game..?

      • i have to agree with this…iv been da capo’d out since i finished DC…DC2 was just a spur of the moment buy for me and i have yet to finish it…and seeing as i dont like kotori that kinda kills this for me also.

        MG listen to the man Infantaria make it happen! its something people will buy! not more da crapo

  28. Seriously? Another Kotori game? (Am I the only person who can’t stand her?) Why not acquire the other games in the Da Capo series, so that if you don’t like Mary-Sues you can still play? I want to see more Nemu and more Mako. I think it’s sad that people who don’t even like Kotori are picking up this game just because it is Da Capo related. You can count me out.

  29. Nemu sucks that’s why circus don’t do games with her. Kotori has many more fans and is bringing more money not like nemu-oba-san. fuck yea

    • Da capo sucks that’s why circus keeps releasing games labeled “Da capo”

      Da capo has many more fans and is brining more money not like
      Suika. Fuck yea


    • Except that every Da Capo spin-off and many Circus ‘fan-disk’ releases feature Nemu while only a handful feature Kotori…

      Nemu was the undisputed champion of the Da Capo franchise up until the god-awful Da Capo anime where they put Yui Horie as Kotori. Only then did Kotori’s name suddenly matter.

  30. if you think about itr The Kotori Locve exp Game is a rem,ake of all the Da capo Games only with spiced up Text Charecters from eather aimew or Manga

    exsampeel Da Capo Commination Is the Rewotrkted Version of Da Capo Only it adds Carecters From the Manga or anime

    Reworkted = Revised/Remake

  31. excuse me..
    sorry if i commented on the wrong area but i justr want to bring forward my opinions to the mangagamer staffs..
    i wonder if you could released translated version of Da Capo Plus Communication (DCPC) and Da Capo II Plus Communication (DCIIPC)
    the story expands nicely and i would like to get a full story on Tamaki other than cut down on just Kotori route + SUginami Bad Ending…
    i would like to receive a reply from the staffs regarding whether my request are possible…
    i’m sure lots of people out the are actually looking forwards to unveil the extra heroiens route..
    thanks if you consider regarding this and send me a reply~

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