DEARDROPS Opening Movie

Are you all excited for DEARDROPS? Because today we’re presenting the opening to all of you! You can download it for free from our website to watch in full 800×600 brilliance, or right now on youtube below after the click!

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  1. now that deardrops is back up…

    we must have….MG….you better do it D:

  2. I’m excited! I get the feeling I’ll enjoy this very much so… Onwards!

  3. Man this opening has me even more excited for this game. Now I really need to finish the Kira Kira games.

    One question though, are the folks at Overdrive fans of Honey and Clover and/or Eden of the East? Can’t help but notice a similar style compared with the second opening of the former and the ending for the latter:

  4. Wow english subs! Please tell me all the songs in the game will have translations of the lyrics

  5. That’s probably the most interesting VN opening I’ve seen. It’s just such a pity they would put so much effort into it and then release it in 800×600. Perhaps that is for the purpose of matching the rest of the game and fitting in the game window when not fullscreen, but I’m sure they have a nice 1080p version internally. Mangagamer, you guys are pretty much a subsidary of Overdrive, perhaps you would be able to get your hands on a higher resolution copy if you asked really nice? It would be fantastic to see. šŸ™‚

    • I kinda doubt it – most (read: almost all non-feature film) animation in Japan is done at either 540p or 720p. The time and computer power required to work in 1080 natively is insane.

  6. This is unrelated to this posting, but it looks like is offline…just thought I’d post that in case you were unaware….

  7. Looking great, and the character designs are exceptionally nice in my opinion.

  8. This is one V/N I am really looking forward to sooo very much. I’d seen the OP before, and listened to the album, but it’s nice to see the romaji lyrics and translation. Sooo looking forward to this!!

  9. *Throws wallet at MG*. When can we expect a release date announcement? :3

  10. Wow. Fascinating style. It’s great to see some VN companies using different visual styles to the “stills of the characters pseudo-animated with lots of bouncy stars and brightly coloured backgrounds” that’s become so standard.

  11. Just take my wallet and bring me this babe!

  12. The art design looks brilliant, the op looks nice, and I do love the violin…

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