Pre-Orders Open for Magical Teacher

We’ve been asked repeatedly to take pre-orders on our games, and now we can! As of today, our new pre-order system is live and you can get your order in for Magical Teacher, ‘shipping’ on April 13. These maraca-shaking MILF’s are just waiting for you to come inside, outside, and in ways you’ve never experienced before, so why not get your RSVP in now and pre-order Magical Teacher from All pre-orders will get a 10% discount off the retail price!

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  1. My though process was.

    why do you want to preorder? mangagamers has a good online store takes a second and you can download right away no reason to pre order… wait 10% discount let me get my wallet.

  2. I couldn’t possibly care less about Magical Teacher, but I gotta ask: will you be doing this for future games? Can we expect a discounted pre-order for Harukoi Otome?

  3. Some people (myself included) randomly get denied by their banks when attempting to buy Mangagamer’s games. I remember I couldn’t buy We Love Master for like, a month, despite having enough money in my account and having made purchases from MG previously. For me, preorders would be a good way to ensure I can actually play games on release. For American customers, generally the Euro is increasing in value relative to the dollar all the time, so while I’m not sure how many people care, it can also be a way to save a little bit of cash for Americans.

    Also the 10% discount is nice. I hope all future games have preorders + discounts like this in the future.

    • If you have a VISA or VISA-conventioned it’s possible you ran over the Securecode monthly limit. I know that if I spend more than like $250 a month, I have to enable SecureCode or am unable to use the CC until the next billing cycle.

      Unfortunately, sites that don’t support Securecode (MG doesn’t seem to, but neither does Steam for example) usually just return a random ‘credit card declined’ error instead of something clearer. Other sites like PayPal or iTunes seem to work OK regardless; others, like DLSite, won’t even look your way unless SecureCode is activated. It’s really random.

  4. I really hope we can have some non-nukige announcement (aside from the Overdrive games) in the near future, I loved the hell out of Kara no Shoujo but lately Mangagamer seems pretty much focused on nukiges.

  5. Count on me preordering as soon as I get my next paycheck in the account next week.

  6. I feel that this is a pretty nice idea, so just pre-ordered my copy.

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