Magical Teacher Giveaway!

Want some extra motivation to dive into Mammary-tastic MILFs and Lonely Lolis? You can now enter a contest to win a free copy of Magical Teacher! Entries are being taken at Sankaku Complex and Japanator!

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  1. Release Wanko to Kurasou! Do it (I know you want to)!

  2. Bad idea about Sankaku Complex, no offense, but everyone including their admin have the brain of monkeys. I’m not sure what you are trying to do, promoting yourself on this site.

  3. looking at those comments……..boy and those guys hang out there day to day? Those guys sound like idiot westerners you’ll find on any anti-Japanese media website.

    The free 5 copies are wasted there MG, seriously consider for your free giveaways. At least the users there will give props for a company bringing stuff like this over to the western market. Also most users there are interested in anything related to the otaku subculture so what’s to lose?

    Why not do a giveaway of Harukoi or dengeki stryker at heck, why not do a deardrops giveaway through

    • A lot of brainless trolls or just people who have a tiny brain.
      I find it a shame to waste free stuffs on people from that site. You just got to see every articles to notice most of the people there aren’t particulary intelligent and are usually not even mentally (and probably not legally either) adults, so that explains the horrible immaturity from most of the comments there…

  4. Can we enter on both sites?

  5. Hey, now, guys (the ones commenting), that’s not nice. Or fair. Sure, there are alot of retards, dipshits, and lolicons on Sankaku, but there are plenty of sane people as well. Same with the age thing, there are plenty of real adults. Anyway, I visit the site daily to see if there are any interesting news from the great land of Nippon (Lots of stupid news too of course, but they are easily avoided)! ^^

    Btw, MG, any chance of you doing the “Really? Really!” and “Tick! Tack!” visual novels? They’re the sequals to Shuffle!.

    • No offense but being a lolicon isn’t a problem. Sounding like a retard is. The very fact you go to this site everyday is already bad enough, all you do is give credits to some dude who takes news and make up shit with it.

      • When I said “lolicon”, I ment pedophiles, not people who like lolis in anime. Guess I should have been more specific. And because I said not everyone on Sankaku are retards, and because I visit the site, I sound like a retard? How prejudiced can you people get? Whatever, I tire of this….From my point of view you guys are the ones who are behaving like jerks, condemning everyone for going to a site like that. There are plenty of interesting articles on Sankaku if you’re an otaku, and there are plenty of nice, sane people there, who are just fans of manga, anime, games etc.

        • I think you are going overboard dood. You are in the right to defend yourself against anonymous’s comments but I think calling everyone here jerks is just about as bad as anonymous calling everyone on sankaku retards etc. Guess this makes everyone retards lol not that I care since everyone is basically strangers.

          My comment “idiot westerners,” pretty much sums up the “majority” of comments from the users who “commented” on the page. Not all of them were bad, but a good amount of those comments were pretty rude. I’d compare the users commenting on that page to the ones you can find on IGNorant.

          I just pointed out that the 5 free giveaways there were wasted and my opinion still stands; is still a better site to do the giveaway. But its just a nukige so I’m not getting my hopes up for its success.

          And to answer your question about “Really? Really!” and “Tick! Tack!” No, there is no plans for it as Navel has not given them the green light since sales for their previous titles didn’t meet their expectations.

        • Do you seriously take the articles posted on that site seriously? You are aware most articles includes a large amount of BS to make them look “cooler”? It’s like the Fox News for the Otaku.
          The only reason you’d want to check that site would be at most if you are too lazy to check the lastest NSFW stuff happening in anime or manga. Don’t ever take seriously any of those “serious” articles that are filled with lies to create shitstorms! You just need to check others sites to notice there’s lot of bullshit on those articles and people actually blindly believe what that guy says? Are you serious?

  6. The hell just happened to my reply post? It’s one huge column! I’l make a seperate post and hope it comes out right this time…:

    @Anonymous (the bottom one)
    No I don’t, and I didn’t say that. I also know all of that. Jesus…I like seeing what happens in anime shows, and screens from them, I like looking at the galleries of cosplayers, art or figures, because they are nice to look at, and I also enjoy my T&T, so sue me. And all the trolling news are fun to read BECAUSE they are so silly. They are so obvious trolls anyway, how can anyone not see that? I read them for entertainment, and I’m sure most others do as well. It’s also fun to read about the silly things happening in the world, and the silly people doing weird stuff.

    Let’s see, with the exception of John Titor, silvercitizen, and Kouryuu, everyone else here threw insulting remarks about Sankaku users, taking them all under one brand. These insults included: “brain of monkeys”, “idiot westerners” (that’s you btw), “brainless trolls”, “retards”, etc etc. And I’m one of those users. Hence you called me all those things, not to mention you treat every single person on one site as unanimous, claiming each and every one of them are stupid. I hate it when people do that. In response to that, I call you jerks. How is this unjustifyed or going overboard? You insult me, I insult you back. And there was no indication that the 3 nice people I mentioned were included in my “you guys”, since I specifically mentioned that I was refering to those who were “condemning everyone for going to a site like that”. Finally, I’d like to point out that your comparison of Sankaku users to idiot westerners from anti-Japanese media websites is rather silly, since most people on Sankaku are anything BUT anti-Japanese. They LOVE Japan, it’s culture, and everything about it. They’re some of the most pro-Japanese people you’l find. I’d go so far as to say many of them are virtually “Japanophiles”.

  7. Well Rokudaime I can understand if you are interested in seeing anime screenshots, in that case it’s not that bad. However you are wrong on that “people believe it’s made up”, because most people on this site actually believe the made up crap. That’s the problem about that site.

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